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package app

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/cmd/controller-manager/app"


Package Files

helper.go serve.go

func BuildHandlerChain Uses

func BuildHandlerChain(apiHandler http.Handler, authorizationInfo *apiserver.AuthorizationInfo, authenticationInfo *apiserver.AuthenticationInfo) http.Handler

BuildHandlerChain builds a handler chain with a base handler and CompletedConfig.

func IsControllerEnabled Uses

func IsControllerEnabled(name string, disabledByDefaultControllers sets.String, controllers []string) bool

IsControllerEnabled check if a specified controller enabled or not.

func NewBaseHandler Uses

func NewBaseHandler(c *componentbaseconfig.DebuggingConfiguration, checks ...healthz.HealthChecker) *mux.PathRecorderMux

NewBaseHandler takes in CompletedConfig and returns a handler.

func WaitForAPIServer Uses

func WaitForAPIServer(client clientset.Interface, timeout time.Duration) error

WaitForAPIServer waits for the API Server's /healthz endpoint to report "ok" with timeout.



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