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package app

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/cmd/kube-scheduler/app"

Package app implements a Server object for running the scheduler.


Package Files


func NewSchedulerCommand Uses

func NewSchedulerCommand(registryOptions ...Option) *cobra.Command

NewSchedulerCommand creates a *cobra.Command object with default parameters and registryOptions

func Run Uses

func Run(ctx context.Context, cc *schedulerserverconfig.CompletedConfig, sched *scheduler.Scheduler) error

Run executes the scheduler based on the given configuration. It only returns on error or when context is done.

func Setup Uses

func Setup(ctx context.Context, args []string, opts *options.Options, outOfTreeRegistryOptions ...Option) (*schedulerserverconfig.CompletedConfig, *scheduler.Scheduler, error)

Setup creates a completed config and a scheduler based on the command args and options

type Option Uses

type Option func(framework.Registry) error

Option configures a framework.Registry.

func WithPlugin Uses

func WithPlugin(name string, factory framework.PluginFactory) Option

WithPlugin creates an Option based on plugin name and factory. Please don't remove this function: it is used to register out-of-tree plugins, hence there are no references to it from the kubernetes scheduler code base.



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