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package cmd

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/cmd/kubeadm/app/cmd"


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certs.go cmd.go completion.go config.go init.go join.go reset.go token.go version.go

func AddClusterConfigFlags Uses

func AddClusterConfigFlags(flagSet *flag.FlagSet, cfg *kubeadmapiv1beta2.ClusterConfiguration, featureGatesString *string)

AddClusterConfigFlags adds cluster flags bound to the config to the specified flagset

func AddImagesCommonConfigFlags Uses

func AddImagesCommonConfigFlags(flagSet *flag.FlagSet, cfg *kubeadmapiv1beta2.ClusterConfiguration, cfgPath *string, featureGatesString *string)

AddImagesCommonConfigFlags adds the flags that configure kubeadm (and affect the images kubeadm will use)

func AddInitConfigFlags Uses

func AddInitConfigFlags(flagSet *flag.FlagSet, cfg *kubeadmapiv1beta2.InitConfiguration)

AddInitConfigFlags adds init flags bound to the config to the specified flagset

func AddInitOtherFlags Uses

func AddInitOtherFlags(flagSet *flag.FlagSet, initOptions *initOptions)

AddInitOtherFlags adds init flags that are not bound to a configuration file to the given flagset Note: All flags that are not bound to the cfg object should be allowed in cmd/kubeadm/app/apis/kubeadm/validation/validation.go

func AddResetFlags Uses

func AddResetFlags(flagSet *flag.FlagSet, resetOptions *resetOptions)

AddResetFlags adds reset flags

func GetSupportedShells Uses

func GetSupportedShells() []string

GetSupportedShells returns a list of supported shells

func NewKubeadmCommand Uses

func NewKubeadmCommand(in io.Reader, out, err io.Writer) *cobra.Command

NewKubeadmCommand returns cobra.Command to run kubeadm command

func PullControlPlaneImages Uses

func PullControlPlaneImages(runtime utilruntime.ContainerRuntime, cfg *kubeadmapi.ClusterConfiguration) error

PullControlPlaneImages pulls all images that the ImagesPull knows about

func RunCompletion Uses

func RunCompletion(out io.Writer, boilerPlate string, cmd *cobra.Command, args []string) error

RunCompletion checks given arguments and executes command

func RunConfigView Uses

func RunConfigView(out io.Writer, client clientset.Interface) error

RunConfigView gets the configuration persisted in the cluster

func RunCreateToken Uses

func RunCreateToken(out io.Writer, client clientset.Interface, cfgPath string, initCfg *kubeadmapiv1beta2.InitConfiguration, printJoinCommand bool, certificateKey string, kubeConfigFile string) error

RunCreateToken generates a new bootstrap token and stores it as a secret on the server.

func RunDeleteTokens Uses

func RunDeleteTokens(out io.Writer, client clientset.Interface, tokenIDsOrTokens []string) error

RunDeleteTokens removes a bootstrap tokens from the server.

func RunGenerateToken Uses

func RunGenerateToken(out io.Writer) error

RunGenerateToken just generates a random token for the user

func RunListTokens Uses

func RunListTokens(out io.Writer, errW io.Writer, client clientset.Interface, printer output.Printer) error

RunListTokens lists details on all existing bootstrap tokens on the server.

func RunVersion Uses

func RunVersion(out io.Writer, cmd *cobra.Command) error

RunVersion provides the version information of kubeadm in format depending on arguments specified in cobra.Command.

type ImagesList Uses

type ImagesList struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

ImagesList defines the struct used for "kubeadm config images list"

func NewImagesList Uses

func NewImagesList(cfgPath string, cfg *kubeadmapiv1beta2.ClusterConfiguration) (*ImagesList, error)

NewImagesList returns the underlying struct for the "kubeadm config images list" command

func (*ImagesList) Run Uses

func (i *ImagesList) Run(out io.Writer, printer output.Printer) error

Run runs the images command and writes the result to the io.Writer passed in

type ImagesPull Uses

type ImagesPull struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

ImagesPull is the struct used to hold information relating to image pulling

func NewImagesPull Uses

func NewImagesPull(runtime utilruntime.ContainerRuntime, images []string) *ImagesPull

NewImagesPull initializes and returns the `kubeadm config images pull` command

type Version Uses

type Version struct {
    ClientVersion *apimachineryversion.Info `json:"clientVersion"`

Version provides the version information of kubeadm.


optionsPackage options provide a central point for defining flags for kubeadm cobra commands, no matter if hard coded commands or autogenerated command for phases.
phases/workflowPackage workflow implements a workflow manager to be used for implementing composable kubeadm workflows.

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