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package options

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/cmd/kubeadm/app/cmd/options"

Package options provide a central point for defining flags for kubeadm cobra commands, no matter if hard coded commands or autogenerated command for phases.

New kubeadm flags should always be defined in this package as a constant before their usage, in order to enforce naming consistency across different commands and to control flag proliferation.

In addition to defining the flags, the package also contains set of utilities for flag management.

For additional details about how flags are managed in phases, please refer to the "k8s.io/kubernetes/cmd/kubeadm/app/cmd/phases/workflow" package.


Package Files

certs.go constant.go doc.go generic.go token.go


const (
    // APIServerAdvertiseAddress flag sets the IP address the API Server will advertise it's listening on. Specify '' to use the address of the default network interface.
    APIServerAdvertiseAddress = "apiserver-advertise-address"

    // APIServerBindPort flag sets the port for the API Server to bind to.
    APIServerBindPort = "apiserver-bind-port"

    // APIServerCertSANs flag sets extra Subject Alternative Names (SANs) to use for the API Server serving certificate. Can be both IP addresses and DNS names.
    APIServerCertSANs = "apiserver-cert-extra-sans"

    // APIServerExtraArgs flag sets a extra flags to pass to the API Server or override default ones in form of <flagname>=<value>.
    APIServerExtraArgs = "apiserver-extra-args"

    // CertificatesDir flag sets the path where to save and read the certificates.
    CertificatesDir = "cert-dir"

    // CfgPath flag sets the path to kubeadm config file.
    CfgPath = "config"

    // ControllerManagerExtraArgs flag sets extra flags to pass to the Controller Manager or override default ones in form of <flagname>=<value>.
    ControllerManagerExtraArgs = "controller-manager-extra-args"

    // ControlPlaneEndpoint flag sets a stable IP address or DNS name for the control plane.
    ControlPlaneEndpoint = "control-plane-endpoint"

    // DryRun flag instruct kubeadm to don't apply any changes; just output what would be done.
    DryRun = "dry-run"

    // FeatureGatesString flag sets key=value pairs that describe feature gates for various features.
    FeatureGatesString = "feature-gates"

    // IgnorePreflightErrors sets the path a list of checks whose errors will be shown as warnings. Example: 'IsPrivilegedUser,Swap'. Value 'all' ignores errors from all checks.
    IgnorePreflightErrors = "ignore-preflight-errors"

    // ImageRepository sets the container registry to pull control plane images from.
    ImageRepository = "image-repository"

    // KubeconfigDir flag sets the path where to save the kubeconfig file.
    KubeconfigDir = "kubeconfig-dir"

    // KubeconfigPath flag sets the kubeconfig file to use when talking to the cluster. If the flag is not set, a set of standard locations are searched for an existing KubeConfig file.
    KubeconfigPath = "kubeconfig"

    // KubernetesVersion flag sets the Kubernetes version for the control plane.
    KubernetesVersion = "kubernetes-version"

    // KubeletVersion flag sets the version for the kubelet config.
    KubeletVersion = "kubelet-version"

    // NetworkingDNSDomain flag sets the domain for services, e.g. "myorg.internal".
    NetworkingDNSDomain = "service-dns-domain"

    // NetworkingServiceSubnet flag sets the range of IP address for service VIPs.
    NetworkingServiceSubnet = "service-cidr"

    // NetworkingPodSubnet flag sets the range of IP addresses for the pod network. If set, the control plane will automatically allocate CIDRs for every node.
    NetworkingPodSubnet = "pod-network-cidr"

    // NodeCRISocket flag sets the CRI socket to connect to.
    NodeCRISocket = "cri-socket"

    // NodeName flag sets the node name.
    NodeName = "node-name"

    // SchedulerExtraArgs flag sets extra flags to pass to the Scheduler or override default ones in form of <flagname>=<value>".
    SchedulerExtraArgs = "scheduler-extra-args"

    // SkipTokenPrint flag instruct kubeadm to skip printing of the default bootstrap token generated by 'kubeadm init'.
    SkipTokenPrint = "skip-token-print"

    // CSROnly flag instructs kubeadm to create CSRs instead of automatically creating or renewing certs
    CSROnly = "csr-only"

    // CSRDir flag sets the location for CSRs and flags to be output
    CSRDir = "csr-dir"

    // TokenStr flags sets both the discovery-token and the tls-bootstrap-token when those values are not provided
    TokenStr = "token"

    // TokenTTL flag sets the time to live for token
    TokenTTL = "token-ttl"

    // TokenUsages flag sets the usages of the token
    TokenUsages = "usages"

    // TokenGroups flag sets the authentication groups of the token
    TokenGroups = "groups"

    // TokenDescription flag sets the description of the token
    TokenDescription = "description"

    // TLSBootstrapToken flag sets the token used to temporarily authenticate with the Kubernetes Control Plane to submit a certificate signing request (CSR) for a locally created key pair
    TLSBootstrapToken = "tls-bootstrap-token"

    // TokenDiscovery flag sets the token used to validate cluster information fetched from the API server (for token-based discovery)
    TokenDiscovery = "discovery-token"

    // TokenDiscoveryCAHash flag instruct kubeadm to validate that the root CA public key matches this hash (for token-based discovery)
    TokenDiscoveryCAHash = "discovery-token-ca-cert-hash"

    // TokenDiscoverySkipCAHash flag instruct kubeadm to skip CA hash verification (for token-based discovery)
    TokenDiscoverySkipCAHash = "discovery-token-unsafe-skip-ca-verification"

    // FileDiscovery flag sets the file or URL from which to load cluster information (for file-based discovery)
    FileDiscovery = "discovery-file"

    // ControlPlane flag instruct kubeadm to create a new control plane instance on this node
    ControlPlane = "control-plane"

    // UploadCerts flag instruct kubeadm to upload certificates
    UploadCerts = "upload-certs"

    // CertificateKey flag sets the key used to encrypt and decrypt certificate secrets
    CertificateKey = "certificate-key"

    // SkipCertificateKeyPrint flag instruct kubeadm to skip printing certificate key used to encrypt certs by 'kubeadm init'.
    SkipCertificateKeyPrint = "skip-certificate-key-print"

    // ForceReset flag instruct kubeadm to reset the node without prompting for confirmation
    ForceReset = "force"

    // CertificateRenewal flag instruct kubeadm to execute certificate renewal during upgrades
    CertificateRenewal = "certificate-renewal"

    // EtcdUpgrade flag instruct kubeadm to execute etcd upgrade during upgrades
    EtcdUpgrade = "etcd-upgrade"

    // Kustomize flag sets the folder where kustomize patches for static pod manifest are stored
    Kustomize = "experimental-kustomize"

func AddCSRDirFlag Uses

func AddCSRDirFlag(fs *pflag.FlagSet, csrDir *string)

AddCSRDirFlag adds the --csr-dir flag to the given flagset

func AddCSRFlag Uses

func AddCSRFlag(fs *pflag.FlagSet, csr *bool)

AddCSRFlag adds the --csr-only flag to the given flagset

func AddCertificateDirFlag Uses

func AddCertificateDirFlag(fs *pflag.FlagSet, certsDir *string)

AddCertificateDirFlag adds the --certs-dir flag to the given flagset

func AddConfigFlag Uses

func AddConfigFlag(fs *pflag.FlagSet, cfgPath *string)

AddConfigFlag adds the --config flag to the given flagset

func AddControlPlanExtraArgsFlags Uses

func AddControlPlanExtraArgsFlags(fs *pflag.FlagSet, apiServerExtraArgs, controllerManagerExtraArgs, schedulerExtraArgs *map[string]string)

AddControlPlanExtraArgsFlags adds the ExtraArgs flags for control plane components

func AddFeatureGatesStringFlag Uses

func AddFeatureGatesStringFlag(fs *pflag.FlagSet, featureGatesString *string)

AddFeatureGatesStringFlag adds the --feature-gates flag to the given flagset

func AddIgnorePreflightErrorsFlag Uses

func AddIgnorePreflightErrorsFlag(fs *pflag.FlagSet, ignorePreflightErrors *[]string)

AddIgnorePreflightErrorsFlag adds the --ignore-preflight-errors flag to the given flagset

func AddImageMetaFlags Uses

func AddImageMetaFlags(fs *pflag.FlagSet, imageRepository *string)

AddImageMetaFlags adds the --image-repository flag to the given flagset

func AddKubeConfigDirFlag Uses

func AddKubeConfigDirFlag(fs *pflag.FlagSet, kubeConfigDir *string)

AddKubeConfigDirFlag adds the --kubeconfig-dir flag to the given flagset

func AddKubeConfigFlag Uses

func AddKubeConfigFlag(fs *pflag.FlagSet, kubeConfigFile *string)

AddKubeConfigFlag adds the --kubeconfig flag to the given flagset

func AddKubeadmOtherFlags Uses

func AddKubeadmOtherFlags(flagSet *pflag.FlagSet, rootfsPath *string)

AddKubeadmOtherFlags adds flags that are not bound to a configuration file to the given flagset

func AddKubernetesVersionFlag Uses

func AddKubernetesVersionFlag(fs *pflag.FlagSet, kubernetesVersion *string)

AddKubernetesVersionFlag adds the --kubernetes-version flag to the given flagset

func AddKustomizePodsFlag Uses

func AddKustomizePodsFlag(fs *pflag.FlagSet, kustomizeDir *string)

AddKustomizePodsFlag adds the --kustomize flag to the given flagset

type BootstrapTokenOptions Uses

type BootstrapTokenOptions struct {
    TokenStr string

BootstrapTokenOptions is a wrapper struct for adding bootstrap token-related flags to a FlagSet and applying the parsed flags to a InitConfiguration object later at runtime TODO: In the future, we might want to group the flags in a better way than adding them all individually like this

func NewBootstrapTokenOptions Uses

func NewBootstrapTokenOptions() *BootstrapTokenOptions

NewBootstrapTokenOptions creates a new BootstrapTokenOptions object with the default values

func (*BootstrapTokenOptions) AddDescriptionFlag Uses

func (bto *BootstrapTokenOptions) AddDescriptionFlag(fs *pflag.FlagSet)

AddDescriptionFlag adds the --description flag to the given flagset

func (*BootstrapTokenOptions) AddGroupsFlag Uses

func (bto *BootstrapTokenOptions) AddGroupsFlag(fs *pflag.FlagSet)

AddGroupsFlag adds the --groups flag to the given flagset

func (*BootstrapTokenOptions) AddTTLFlag Uses

func (bto *BootstrapTokenOptions) AddTTLFlag(fs *pflag.FlagSet)

AddTTLFlag adds the --token-ttl flag to the given flagset

func (*BootstrapTokenOptions) AddTTLFlagWithName Uses

func (bto *BootstrapTokenOptions) AddTTLFlagWithName(fs *pflag.FlagSet, flagName string)

AddTTLFlagWithName adds the --token-ttl flag with a custom flag name given flagset

func (*BootstrapTokenOptions) AddTokenFlag Uses

func (bto *BootstrapTokenOptions) AddTokenFlag(fs *pflag.FlagSet)

AddTokenFlag adds the --token flag to the given flagset

func (*BootstrapTokenOptions) AddUsagesFlag Uses

func (bto *BootstrapTokenOptions) AddUsagesFlag(fs *pflag.FlagSet)

AddUsagesFlag adds the --usages flag to the given flagset

func (*BootstrapTokenOptions) ApplyTo Uses

func (bto *BootstrapTokenOptions) ApplyTo(cfg *kubeadmapiv1beta2.InitConfiguration) error

ApplyTo applies the values set internally in the BootstrapTokenOptions object to a InitConfiguration object at runtime If --token was specified in the CLI (as a string), it's parsed and validated before it's added to the BootstrapToken object.

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