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package phases

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/cmd/kubeadm/app/cmd/phases/init"


Package Files

addons.go bootstraptoken.go certs.go controlplane.go data.go etcd.go kubeconfig.go kubelet.go kubeletfinalize.go markcontrolplane.go preflight.go uploadcerts.go uploadconfig.go waitcontrolplane.go

func NewAddonPhase Uses

func NewAddonPhase() workflow.Phase

NewAddonPhase returns the addon Cobra command

func NewBootstrapTokenPhase Uses

func NewBootstrapTokenPhase() workflow.Phase

NewBootstrapTokenPhase returns the phase to bootstrapToken

func NewCertsPhase Uses

func NewCertsPhase() workflow.Phase

NewCertsPhase returns the phase for the certs

func NewControlPlanePhase Uses

func NewControlPlanePhase() workflow.Phase

NewControlPlanePhase creates a kubeadm workflow phase that implements bootstrapping the control plane.

func NewEtcdPhase Uses

func NewEtcdPhase() workflow.Phase

NewEtcdPhase creates a kubeadm workflow phase that implements handling of etcd.

func NewKubeConfigFilePhase Uses

func NewKubeConfigFilePhase(kubeConfigFileName string) workflow.Phase

NewKubeConfigFilePhase creates a kubeadm workflow phase that creates a kubeconfig file.

func NewKubeConfigPhase Uses

func NewKubeConfigPhase() workflow.Phase

NewKubeConfigPhase creates a kubeadm workflow phase that creates all kubeconfig files necessary to establish the control plane and the admin kubeconfig file.

func NewKubeletFinalizePhase Uses

func NewKubeletFinalizePhase() workflow.Phase

NewKubeletFinalizePhase creates a kubeadm workflow phase that updates settings relevant to the kubelet after TLS bootstrap.

func NewKubeletStartPhase Uses

func NewKubeletStartPhase() workflow.Phase

NewKubeletStartPhase creates a kubeadm workflow phase that start kubelet on a node.

func NewMarkControlPlanePhase Uses

func NewMarkControlPlanePhase() workflow.Phase

NewMarkControlPlanePhase creates a kubeadm workflow phase that implements mark-controlplane checks.

func NewPreflightPhase Uses

func NewPreflightPhase() workflow.Phase

NewPreflightPhase creates a kubeadm workflow phase that implements preflight checks for a new control-plane node.

func NewUploadCertsPhase Uses

func NewUploadCertsPhase() workflow.Phase

NewUploadCertsPhase returns the uploadCerts phase

func NewUploadConfigPhase Uses

func NewUploadConfigPhase() workflow.Phase

NewUploadConfigPhase returns the phase to uploadConfig

func NewWaitControlPlanePhase Uses

func NewWaitControlPlanePhase() workflow.Phase

NewWaitControlPlanePhase is a hidden phase that runs after the control-plane and etcd phases

type InitData Uses

type InitData interface {
    UploadCerts() bool
    CertificateKey() string
    SetCertificateKey(key string)
    SkipCertificateKeyPrint() bool
    Cfg() *kubeadmapi.InitConfiguration
    DryRun() bool
    SkipTokenPrint() bool
    IgnorePreflightErrors() sets.String
    CertificateWriteDir() string
    CertificateDir() string
    KubeConfigDir() string
    KubeConfigPath() string
    ManifestDir() string
    KubeletDir() string
    ExternalCA() bool
    OutputWriter() io.Writer
    Client() (clientset.Interface, error)
    Tokens() []string
    PatchesDir() string

InitData is the interface to use for init phases. The "initData" type from "cmd/init.go" must satisfy this interface.

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