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package phases

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/cmd/kubeadm/app/cmd/phases/join"


Package Files

checketcd.go controlplanejoin.go controlplaneprepare.go data.go kubelet.go preflight.go

func NewCheckEtcdPhase Uses

func NewCheckEtcdPhase() workflow.Phase

NewCheckEtcdPhase is a hidden phase that runs after the control-plane-prepare and before the bootstrap-kubelet phase that ensures etcd is healthy

func NewControlPlaneJoinPhase Uses

func NewControlPlaneJoinPhase() workflow.Phase

NewControlPlaneJoinPhase creates a kubeadm workflow phase that implements joining a machine as a control plane instance

func NewControlPlanePreparePhase Uses

func NewControlPlanePreparePhase() workflow.Phase

NewControlPlanePreparePhase creates a kubeadm workflow phase that implements the preparation of the node to serve a control plane

func NewKubeletStartPhase Uses

func NewKubeletStartPhase() workflow.Phase

NewKubeletStartPhase creates a kubeadm workflow phase that start kubelet on a node.

func NewPreflightPhase Uses

func NewPreflightPhase() workflow.Phase

NewPreflightPhase creates a kubeadm workflow phase that implements preflight checks for a new node join

type JoinData Uses

type JoinData interface {
    CertificateKey() string
    Cfg() *kubeadmapi.JoinConfiguration
    TLSBootstrapCfg() (*clientcmdapi.Config, error)
    InitCfg() (*kubeadmapi.InitConfiguration, error)
    ClientSet() (*clientset.Clientset, error)
    IgnorePreflightErrors() sets.String
    OutputWriter() io.Writer
    PatchesDir() string

JoinData is the interface to use for join phases. The "joinData" type from "cmd/join.go" must satisfy this interface.

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