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package phases

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/cmd/kubeadm/app/cmd/phases/reset"


Package Files

cleanupnode.go data.go preflight.go removeetcdmember.go unmount_linux.go updateclusterstatus.go

func CleanDir Uses

func CleanDir(filePath string) error

CleanDir removes everything in a directory, but not the directory itself

func NewCleanupNodePhase Uses

func NewCleanupNodePhase() workflow.Phase

NewCleanupNodePhase creates a kubeadm workflow phase that cleanup the node

func NewPreflightPhase Uses

func NewPreflightPhase() workflow.Phase

NewPreflightPhase creates a kubeadm workflow phase implements preflight checks for reset

func NewRemoveETCDMemberPhase Uses

func NewRemoveETCDMemberPhase() workflow.Phase

NewRemoveETCDMemberPhase creates a kubeadm workflow phase for remove-etcd-member

func NewUpdateClusterStatus Uses

func NewUpdateClusterStatus() workflow.Phase

NewUpdateClusterStatus creates a kubeadm workflow phase for update-cluster-status

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