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package images

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/cmd/kubeadm/app/images"


Package Files

images.go images_unix.go

func GetControlPlaneImages Uses

func GetControlPlaneImages(cfg *kubeadmapi.ClusterConfiguration) []string

GetControlPlaneImages returns a list of container images kubeadm expects to use on a control plane node

func GetDNSImage Uses

func GetDNSImage(cfg *kubeadmapi.ClusterConfiguration, imageName string) string

GetDNSImage generates and returns the image for the DNS, that can be CoreDNS or kube-dns. Given that kube-dns uses 3 containers, an additional imageName parameter was added

func GetEtcdImage Uses

func GetEtcdImage(cfg *kubeadmapi.ClusterConfiguration) string

GetEtcdImage generates and returns the image for etcd

func GetGenericImage Uses

func GetGenericImage(prefix, image, tag string) string

GetGenericImage generates and returns a platform agnostic image (backed by manifest list)

func GetKubernetesImage Uses

func GetKubernetesImage(image string, cfg *kubeadmapi.ClusterConfiguration) string

GetKubernetesImage generates and returns the image for the components managed in the Kubernetes main repository, including the control-plane components and kube-proxy. If specified, the HyperKube image will be used.

func GetPauseImage Uses

func GetPauseImage(cfg *kubeadmapi.ClusterConfiguration) string

GetPauseImage returns the image for the "pause" container

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