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package dns

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/cmd/kubeadm/app/phases/addons/dns"


Package Files

dns.go manifests.go


const (
    KubeDNSDeployment = "" /* 4625 byte string literal not displayed */

    KubeDNSService = "" /* 781 byte string literal not displayed */

    CoreDNSDeployment = "" /* 2049 byte string literal not displayed */

    CoreDNSConfigMap = "" /* 527 byte string literal not displayed */

    CoreDNSClusterRole = "" /* 274 byte string literal not displayed */

    CoreDNSClusterRoleBinding = "" /* 266 byte string literal not displayed */

    CoreDNSServiceAccount = `
apiVersion: v1
kind: ServiceAccount
  name: coredns
  namespace: kube-system
const (
    // KubeDNSServiceAccountName describes the name of the ServiceAccount for the kube-dns addon
    KubeDNSServiceAccountName = "kube-dns"

func CreateServiceAccount Uses

func CreateServiceAccount(client clientset.Interface) error

CreateServiceAccount creates the necessary serviceaccounts that kubeadm uses/might use, if they don't already exist.

func DeployedDNSAddon Uses

func DeployedDNSAddon(client clientset.Interface) (kubeadmapi.DNSAddOnType, string, error)

DeployedDNSAddon returns the type of DNS addon currently deployed

func EnsureDNSAddon Uses

func EnsureDNSAddon(cfg *kubeadmapi.ClusterConfiguration, client clientset.Interface) error

EnsureDNSAddon creates the kube-dns or CoreDNS addon

func GetCoreDNSInfo Uses

func GetCoreDNSInfo(client clientset.Interface) (*v1.ConfigMap, string, string, error)

GetCoreDNSInfo gets the current CoreDNS installed and the current Corefile Configuration of CoreDNS.

func IsCoreDNSConfigMapMigrationRequired Uses

func IsCoreDNSConfigMapMigrationRequired(corefile string) bool

IsCoreDNSConfigMapMigrationRequired checks if a migration of the CoreDNS ConfigMap is required.

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