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package etcd

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/cmd/kubeadm/app/phases/etcd"


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func CheckLocalEtcdClusterStatus Uses

func CheckLocalEtcdClusterStatus(client clientset.Interface, cfg *kubeadmapi.ClusterConfiguration) error

CheckLocalEtcdClusterStatus verifies health state of local/stacked etcd cluster before installing a new etcd member

func CreateLocalEtcdStaticPodManifestFile Uses

func CreateLocalEtcdStaticPodManifestFile(manifestDir, patchesDir string, nodeName string, cfg *kubeadmapi.ClusterConfiguration, endpoint *kubeadmapi.APIEndpoint) error

CreateLocalEtcdStaticPodManifestFile will write local etcd static pod manifest file. This function is used by init - when the etcd cluster is empty - or by kubeadm upgrade - when the etcd cluster is already up and running (and the --initial-cluster flag have no impact)

func CreateStackedEtcdStaticPodManifestFile Uses

func CreateStackedEtcdStaticPodManifestFile(client clientset.Interface, manifestDir, patchesDir string, nodeName string, cfg *kubeadmapi.ClusterConfiguration, endpoint *kubeadmapi.APIEndpoint) error

CreateStackedEtcdStaticPodManifestFile will write local etcd static pod manifest file for an additional etcd member that is joining an existing local/stacked etcd cluster. Other members of the etcd cluster will be notified of the joining node in beforehand as well.

func GetEtcdPodSpec Uses

func GetEtcdPodSpec(cfg *kubeadmapi.ClusterConfiguration, endpoint *kubeadmapi.APIEndpoint, nodeName string, initialCluster []etcdutil.Member) v1.Pod

GetEtcdPodSpec returns the etcd static Pod actualized to the context of the current configuration NB. GetEtcdPodSpec methods holds the information about how kubeadm creates etcd static pod manifests.

func RemoveStackedEtcdMemberFromCluster Uses

func RemoveStackedEtcdMemberFromCluster(client clientset.Interface, cfg *kubeadmapi.InitConfiguration) error

RemoveStackedEtcdMemberFromCluster will remove a local etcd member from etcd cluster, when reset the control plane node.

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