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package kubeconfig

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/cmd/kubeadm/app/phases/kubeconfig"


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doc.go kubeconfig.go

func CreateDefaultKubeConfigsAndCSRFiles Uses

func CreateDefaultKubeConfigsAndCSRFiles(out io.Writer, kubeConfigDir string, kubeadmConfig *kubeadmapi.InitConfiguration) error

CreateDefaultKubeConfigsAndCSRFiles is used in ExternalCA mode to create kubeconfig files and adjacent CSR files.

func CreateJoinControlPlaneKubeConfigFiles Uses

func CreateJoinControlPlaneKubeConfigFiles(outDir string, cfg *kubeadmapi.InitConfiguration) error

CreateJoinControlPlaneKubeConfigFiles will create and write to disk the kubeconfig files required by kubeadm join --control-plane workflow, plus the admin kubeconfig file used by the administrator and kubeadm itself; the kubelet.conf file must not be created because it will be created and signed by the kubelet TLS bootstrap process. When not using external CA mode, if a kubeconfig file already exists it is used only if evaluated equal, otherwise an error is returned. For external CA mode, the creation of kubeconfig files is skipped.

func CreateKubeConfigFile Uses

func CreateKubeConfigFile(kubeConfigFileName string, outDir string, cfg *kubeadmapi.InitConfiguration) error

CreateKubeConfigFile creates a kubeconfig file. If the kubeconfig file already exists, it is used only if evaluated equal; otherwise an error is returned.

func ValidateKubeconfigsForExternalCA Uses

func ValidateKubeconfigsForExternalCA(outDir string, cfg *kubeadmapi.InitConfiguration) error

ValidateKubeconfigsForExternalCA check if the kubeconfig file exist and has the expected CA and server URL using kubeadmapi.InitConfiguration.

func WriteKubeConfigWithClientCert Uses

func WriteKubeConfigWithClientCert(out io.Writer, cfg *kubeadmapi.InitConfiguration, clientName string, organizations []string) error

WriteKubeConfigWithClientCert writes a kubeconfig file - with a client certificate as authentication info - to the given writer.

func WriteKubeConfigWithToken Uses

func WriteKubeConfigWithToken(out io.Writer, cfg *kubeadmapi.InitConfiguration, clientName, token string) error

WriteKubeConfigWithToken writes a kubeconfig file - with a token as client authentication info - to the given writer.

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