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package uploadconfig

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/cmd/kubeadm/app/phases/uploadconfig"


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const (
    // NodesKubeadmConfigClusterRoleName sets the name for the ClusterRole that allows
    // the bootstrap tokens to access the kubeadm-config ConfigMap during the node bootstrap/discovery
    // or during upgrade nodes
    NodesKubeadmConfigClusterRoleName = "kubeadm:nodes-kubeadm-config"

func ResetClusterStatusForNode Uses

func ResetClusterStatusForNode(nodeName string, client clientset.Interface) error

ResetClusterStatusForNode removes the APIEndpoint of a given control-plane node from the ClusterStatus and updates the kubeadm ConfigMap

func UploadConfiguration Uses

func UploadConfiguration(cfg *kubeadmapi.InitConfiguration, client clientset.Interface) error

UploadConfiguration saves the InitConfiguration used for later reference (when upgrading for instance)

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