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package kubeconfig

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/cmd/kubeadm/app/util/kubeconfig"


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func ClientSetFromFile Uses

func ClientSetFromFile(path string) (*clientset.Clientset, error)

ClientSetFromFile returns a ready-to-use client from a kubeconfig file

func CreateBasic Uses

func CreateBasic(serverURL, clusterName, userName string, caCert []byte) *clientcmdapi.Config

CreateBasic creates a basic, general KubeConfig object that then can be extended

func CreateWithCerts Uses

func CreateWithCerts(serverURL, clusterName, userName string, caCert []byte, clientKey []byte, clientCert []byte) *clientcmdapi.Config

CreateWithCerts creates a KubeConfig object with access to the API server with client certificates

func CreateWithToken Uses

func CreateWithToken(serverURL, clusterName, userName string, caCert []byte, token string) *clientcmdapi.Config

CreateWithToken creates a KubeConfig object with access to the API server with a token

func EnsureAuthenticationInfoAreEmbedded Uses

func EnsureAuthenticationInfoAreEmbedded(config *clientcmdapi.Config) error

EnsureAuthenticationInfoAreEmbedded check if some authentication info are provided as external key/certificate files, and eventually embeds such files into the kubeconfig file

func EnsureCertificateAuthorityIsEmbedded Uses

func EnsureCertificateAuthorityIsEmbedded(cluster *clientcmdapi.Cluster) error

EnsureCertificateAuthorityIsEmbedded check if the certificate authority is provided as an external file and eventually embeds it into the kubeconfig

func GetClusterFromKubeConfig Uses

func GetClusterFromKubeConfig(config *clientcmdapi.Config) *clientcmdapi.Cluster

GetClusterFromKubeConfig returns the default Cluster of the specified KubeConfig

func HasAuthenticationCredentials Uses

func HasAuthenticationCredentials(config *clientcmdapi.Config) bool

HasAuthenticationCredentials returns true if the current user has valid authentication credentials for token authentication, basic authentication or X509 authentication

func ToClientSet Uses

func ToClientSet(config *clientcmdapi.Config) (*clientset.Clientset, error)

ToClientSet converts a KubeConfig object to a client

func WriteToDisk Uses

func WriteToDisk(filename string, kubeconfig *clientcmdapi.Config) error

WriteToDisk writes a KubeConfig object down to disk with mode 0600

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