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package staticpod

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/cmd/kubeadm/app/util/staticpod"


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func ComponentPod Uses

func ComponentPod(container v1.Container, volumes map[string]v1.Volume, annotations map[string]string) v1.Pod

ComponentPod returns a Pod object from the container, volume and annotations specifications

func ComponentResources Uses

func ComponentResources(cpu string) v1.ResourceRequirements

ComponentResources returns the v1.ResourceRequirements object needed for allocating a specified amount of the CPU

func GetAPIServerProbeAddress Uses

func GetAPIServerProbeAddress(endpoint *kubeadmapi.APIEndpoint) string

GetAPIServerProbeAddress returns the probe address for the API server

func GetControllerManagerProbeAddress Uses

func GetControllerManagerProbeAddress(cfg *kubeadmapi.ClusterConfiguration) string

GetControllerManagerProbeAddress returns the kubernetes controller manager probe address

func GetEtcdProbeEndpoint Uses

func GetEtcdProbeEndpoint(cfg *kubeadmapi.Etcd, isIPv6 bool) (string, int, v1.URIScheme)

GetEtcdProbeEndpoint takes a kubeadm Etcd configuration object and attempts to parse the first URL in the listen-metrics-urls argument, returning an etcd probe hostname, port and scheme

func GetExtraParameters Uses

func GetExtraParameters(overrides map[string]string, defaults map[string]string) []string

GetExtraParameters builds a list of flag arguments two string-string maps, one with default, base commands and one with overrides

func GetSchedulerProbeAddress Uses

func GetSchedulerProbeAddress(cfg *kubeadmapi.ClusterConfiguration) string

GetSchedulerProbeAddress returns the kubernetes scheduler probe address

func LivenessProbe Uses

func LivenessProbe(host, path string, port int, scheme v1.URIScheme) *v1.Probe

LivenessProbe creates a Probe object with a HTTPGet handler

func ManifestFilesAreEqual Uses

func ManifestFilesAreEqual(path1, path2 string) (bool, error)

ManifestFilesAreEqual compares 2 files. It returns true if their contents are equal, false otherwise

func NewVolume Uses

func NewVolume(name, path string, pathType *v1.HostPathType) v1.Volume

NewVolume creates a v1.Volume with a hostPath mount to the specified location

func NewVolumeMount Uses

func NewVolumeMount(name, path string, readOnly bool) v1.VolumeMount

NewVolumeMount creates a v1.VolumeMount to the specified location

func PatchStaticPod Uses

func PatchStaticPod(pod *v1.Pod, patchesDir string, output io.Writer) (*v1.Pod, error)

PatchStaticPod applies patches stored in patchesDir to a static Pod.

func ReadStaticPodFromDisk Uses

func ReadStaticPodFromDisk(manifestPath string) (*v1.Pod, error)

ReadStaticPodFromDisk reads a static pod file from disk

func ReadinessProbe Uses

func ReadinessProbe(host, path string, port int, scheme v1.URIScheme) *v1.Probe

ReadinessProbe creates a Probe object with a HTTPGet handler

func StartupProbe Uses

func StartupProbe(host, path string, port int, scheme v1.URIScheme, timeoutForControlPlane *metav1.Duration) *v1.Probe

StartupProbe creates a Probe object with a HTTPGet handler

func VolumeMapToSlice Uses

func VolumeMapToSlice(volumes map[string]v1.Volume) []v1.Volume

VolumeMapToSlice returns a slice of volumes from a map's values

func VolumeMountMapToSlice Uses

func VolumeMountMapToSlice(volumeMounts map[string]v1.VolumeMount) []v1.VolumeMount

VolumeMountMapToSlice returns a slice of volumes from a map's values

func WriteStaticPodToDisk Uses

func WriteStaticPodToDisk(componentName, manifestDir string, pod v1.Pod) error

WriteStaticPodToDisk writes a static pod file to disk

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