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package ref

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/api/ref"


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var (
    ErrNilObject  = errors.New("can't reference a nil object")
    ErrNoSelfLink = errors.New("selfLink was empty, can't make reference")

Errors that could be returned by GetReference.

func GetPartialReference Uses

func GetPartialReference(scheme *runtime.Scheme, obj runtime.Object, fieldPath string) (*api.ObjectReference, error)

GetPartialReference is exactly like GetReference, but allows you to set the FieldPath.

func GetReference Uses

func GetReference(scheme *runtime.Scheme, obj runtime.Object) (*api.ObjectReference, error)

GetReference returns an ObjectReference which refers to the given object, or an error if the object doesn't follow the conventions that would allow this. TODO: should take a meta.Interface see http://issue.k8s.io/7127

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