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package service

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/api/service"


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func GetLoadBalancerSourceRanges Uses

func GetLoadBalancerSourceRanges(service *api.Service) (utilnet.IPNetSet, error)

GetLoadBalancerSourceRanges first try to parse and verify LoadBalancerSourceRanges field from a service. If the field is not specified, turn to parse and verify the AnnotationLoadBalancerSourceRangesKey annotation from a service, extracting the source ranges to allow, and if not present returns a default (allow-all) value.

func IsAllowAll Uses

func IsAllowAll(ipnets utilnet.IPNetSet) bool

IsAllowAll checks whether the utilnet.IPNet allows traffic from

func NeedsHealthCheck Uses

func NeedsHealthCheck(service *api.Service) bool

NeedsHealthCheck checks if service needs health check.

func RequestsOnlyLocalTraffic Uses

func RequestsOnlyLocalTraffic(service *api.Service) bool

RequestsOnlyLocalTraffic checks if service requests OnlyLocal traffic.

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