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package resource

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/api/v1/resource"


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func ExtractContainerResourceValue Uses

func ExtractContainerResourceValue(fs *v1.ResourceFieldSelector, container *v1.Container) (string, error)

ExtractContainerResourceValue extracts the value of a resource in an already known container

func ExtractResourceValueByContainerName Uses

func ExtractResourceValueByContainerName(fs *v1.ResourceFieldSelector, pod *v1.Pod, containerName string) (string, error)

ExtractResourceValueByContainerName extracts the value of a resource by providing container name

func ExtractResourceValueByContainerNameAndNodeAllocatable Uses

func ExtractResourceValueByContainerNameAndNodeAllocatable(fs *v1.ResourceFieldSelector, pod *v1.Pod, containerName string, nodeAllocatable v1.ResourceList) (string, error)

ExtractResourceValueByContainerNameAndNodeAllocatable extracts the value of a resource by providing container name and node allocatable

func GetResourceRequest Uses

func GetResourceRequest(pod *v1.Pod, resource v1.ResourceName) int64

GetResourceRequest finds and returns the request for a specific resource.

func MergeContainerResourceLimits Uses

func MergeContainerResourceLimits(container *v1.Container,
    allocatable v1.ResourceList)

MergeContainerResourceLimits checks if a limit is applied for the container, and if not, it sets the limit to the passed resource list.

func PodRequestsAndLimits Uses

func PodRequestsAndLimits(pod *v1.Pod) (reqs, limits v1.ResourceList)

PodRequestsAndLimits returns a dictionary of all defined resources summed up for all containers of the pod.

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