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package helper

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/apis/core/v1/helper"


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func AddOrUpdateTolerationInPod Uses

func AddOrUpdateTolerationInPod(pod *v1.Pod, toleration *v1.Toleration) bool

AddOrUpdateTolerationInPod tries to add a toleration to the pod's toleration list. Returns true if something was updated, false otherwise.

func AddOrUpdateTolerationInPodSpec Uses

func AddOrUpdateTolerationInPodSpec(spec *v1.PodSpec, toleration *v1.Toleration) bool

AddOrUpdateTolerationInPodSpec tries to add a toleration to the toleration list in PodSpec. Returns true if something was updated, false otherwise.

func FindMatchingUntoleratedTaint Uses

func FindMatchingUntoleratedTaint(taints []v1.Taint, tolerations []v1.Toleration, inclusionFilter taintsFilterFunc) (v1.Taint, bool)

FindMatchingUntoleratedTaint checks if the given tolerations tolerates all the filtered taints, and returns the first taint without a toleration

func GetAccessModesAsString Uses

func GetAccessModesAsString(modes []v1.PersistentVolumeAccessMode) string

GetAccessModesAsString returns a string representation of an array of access modes. modes, when present, are always in the same order: RWO,ROX,RWX.

func GetAccessModesFromString Uses

func GetAccessModesFromString(modes string) []v1.PersistentVolumeAccessMode

GetAccessModesFromString returns an array of AccessModes from a string created by GetAccessModesAsString

func GetAvoidPodsFromNodeAnnotations Uses

func GetAvoidPodsFromNodeAnnotations(annotations map[string]string) (v1.AvoidPods, error)

GetAvoidPodsFromNodeAnnotations scans the list of annotations and returns the pods that needs to be avoided for this node from scheduling

func GetMatchingTolerations Uses

func GetMatchingTolerations(taints []v1.Taint, tolerations []v1.Toleration) (bool, []v1.Toleration)

GetMatchingTolerations returns true and list of Tolerations matching all Taints if all are tolerated, or false otherwise.

func GetPersistentVolumeClaimClass Uses

func GetPersistentVolumeClaimClass(claim *v1.PersistentVolumeClaim) string

GetPersistentVolumeClaimClass returns StorageClassName. If no storage class was requested, it returns "".

func GetPersistentVolumeClass Uses

func GetPersistentVolumeClass(volume *v1.PersistentVolume) string

GetPersistentVolumeClass returns StorageClassName.

func HugePageResourceName Uses

func HugePageResourceName(pageSize resource.Quantity) v1.ResourceName

HugePageResourceName returns a ResourceName with the canonical hugepage prefix prepended for the specified page size. The page size is converted to its canonical representation.

func HugePageSizeFromMedium Uses

func HugePageSizeFromMedium(medium v1.StorageMedium) (resource.Quantity, error)

HugePageSizeFromMedium returns the page size for the specified huge page medium. If the specified input is not a valid huge page medium an error is returned.

func HugePageSizeFromResourceName Uses

func HugePageSizeFromResourceName(name v1.ResourceName) (resource.Quantity, error)

HugePageSizeFromResourceName returns the page size for the specified huge page resource name. If the specified input is not a valid huge page resource name an error is returned.

func HugePageUnitSizeFromByteSize Uses

func HugePageUnitSizeFromByteSize(size int64) (string, error)

HugePageUnitSizeFromByteSize returns hugepage size has the format. `size` must be guaranteed to divisible into the largest units that can be expressed. <size><unit-prefix>B (1024 = "1KB", 1048576 = "1MB", etc).

func IsAttachableVolumeResourceName Uses

func IsAttachableVolumeResourceName(name v1.ResourceName) bool

IsAttachableVolumeResourceName returns true when the resource name is prefixed in attachable volume

func IsExtendedResourceName Uses

func IsExtendedResourceName(name v1.ResourceName) bool

IsExtendedResourceName returns true if: 1. the resource name is not in the default namespace; 2. resource name does not have "requests." prefix, to avoid confusion with the convention in quota 3. it satisfies the rules in IsQualifiedName() after converted into quota resource name

func IsHugePageMedium Uses

func IsHugePageMedium(medium v1.StorageMedium) bool

IsHugePageMedium returns true if the volume medium is in 'HugePages[-size]' format

func IsHugePageResourceName Uses

func IsHugePageResourceName(name v1.ResourceName) bool

IsHugePageResourceName returns true if the resource name has the huge page resource prefix.

func IsNativeResource Uses

func IsNativeResource(name v1.ResourceName) bool

IsNativeResource returns true if the resource name is in the *kubernetes.io/ namespace. Partially-qualified (unprefixed) names are implicitly in the kubernetes.io/ namespace.

func IsOvercommitAllowed Uses

func IsOvercommitAllowed(name v1.ResourceName) bool

IsOvercommitAllowed returns true if the resource is in the default namespace and is not hugepages.

func IsPrefixedNativeResource Uses

func IsPrefixedNativeResource(name v1.ResourceName) bool

IsPrefixedNativeResource returns true if the resource name is in the *kubernetes.io/ namespace.

func IsServiceIPSet Uses

func IsServiceIPSet(service *v1.Service) bool

IsServiceIPSet aims to check if the service's ClusterIP is set or not the objective is not to perform validation here

func LoadBalancerStatusEqual Uses

func LoadBalancerStatusEqual(l, r *v1.LoadBalancerStatus) bool

LoadBalancerStatusEqual evaluates the given load balancers' ingress IP addresses and hostnames and returns true if equal or false if otherwise TODO: make method on LoadBalancerStatus?

func MatchTopologySelectorTerms Uses

func MatchTopologySelectorTerms(topologySelectorTerms []v1.TopologySelectorTerm, lbls labels.Set) bool

MatchTopologySelectorTerms checks whether given labels match topology selector terms in ORed; nil or empty term matches no objects; while empty term list matches all objects.

func NodeSelectorRequirementKeysExistInNodeSelectorTerms Uses

func NodeSelectorRequirementKeysExistInNodeSelectorTerms(reqs []v1.NodeSelectorRequirement, terms []v1.NodeSelectorTerm) bool

NodeSelectorRequirementKeysExistInNodeSelectorTerms checks if a NodeSelectorTerm with key is already specified in terms

func ScopedResourceSelectorRequirementsAsSelector Uses

func ScopedResourceSelectorRequirementsAsSelector(ssr v1.ScopedResourceSelectorRequirement) (labels.Selector, error)

ScopedResourceSelectorRequirementsAsSelector converts the ScopedResourceSelectorRequirement api type into a struct that implements labels.Selector.

func TolerationsTolerateTaint Uses

func TolerationsTolerateTaint(tolerations []v1.Toleration, taint *v1.Taint) bool

TolerationsTolerateTaint checks if taint is tolerated by any of the tolerations.

func TolerationsTolerateTaintsWithFilter Uses

func TolerationsTolerateTaintsWithFilter(tolerations []v1.Toleration, taints []v1.Taint, applyFilter taintsFilterFunc) bool

TolerationsTolerateTaintsWithFilter checks if given tolerations tolerates all the taints that apply to the filter in given taint list. DEPRECATED: Please use FindMatchingUntoleratedTaint instead.

func TopologySelectorRequirementsAsSelector Uses

func TopologySelectorRequirementsAsSelector(tsm []v1.TopologySelectorLabelRequirement) (labels.Selector, error)

TopologySelectorRequirementsAsSelector converts the []TopologySelectorLabelRequirement api type into a struct that implements labels.Selector.



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