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package validation

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/apis/rbac/validation"


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func ValidateClusterRole Uses

func ValidateClusterRole(role *rbac.ClusterRole) field.ErrorList

func ValidateClusterRoleBinding Uses

func ValidateClusterRoleBinding(roleBinding *rbac.ClusterRoleBinding) field.ErrorList

func ValidateClusterRoleBindingUpdate Uses

func ValidateClusterRoleBindingUpdate(roleBinding *rbac.ClusterRoleBinding, oldRoleBinding *rbac.ClusterRoleBinding) field.ErrorList

func ValidateClusterRoleUpdate Uses

func ValidateClusterRoleUpdate(role *rbac.ClusterRole, oldRole *rbac.ClusterRole) field.ErrorList

func ValidatePolicyRule Uses

func ValidatePolicyRule(rule rbac.PolicyRule, isNamespaced bool, fldPath *field.Path) field.ErrorList

ValidatePolicyRule is exported to allow types outside of the RBAC API group to embed a rbac.PolicyRule and reuse this validation logic

func ValidateRBACName Uses

func ValidateRBACName(name string, prefix bool) []string

ValidateRBACName is exported to allow types outside of the RBAC API group to reuse this validation logic Minimal validation of names for roles and bindings. Identical to the validation for Openshift. See: * https://github.com/kubernetes/kubernetes/blob/60db50/pkg/api/validation/name.go * https://github.com/openshift/origin/blob/388478/pkg/api/helpers.go

func ValidateRole Uses

func ValidateRole(role *rbac.Role) field.ErrorList

func ValidateRoleBinding Uses

func ValidateRoleBinding(roleBinding *rbac.RoleBinding) field.ErrorList

func ValidateRoleBindingSubject Uses

func ValidateRoleBindingSubject(subject rbac.Subject, isNamespaced bool, fldPath *field.Path) field.ErrorList

ValidateRoleBindingSubject is exported to allow types outside of the RBAC API group to embed a rbac.Subject and reuse this validation logic

func ValidateRoleBindingUpdate Uses

func ValidateRoleBindingUpdate(roleBinding *rbac.RoleBinding, oldRoleBinding *rbac.RoleBinding) field.ErrorList

func ValidateRoleUpdate Uses

func ValidateRoleUpdate(role *rbac.Role, oldRole *rbac.Role) field.ErrorList

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