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package abac

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/auth/authorizer/abac"

Package abac authorizes Kubernetes API actions using an Attribute-based access control scheme.


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type PolicyList Uses

type PolicyList []*abac.Policy

PolicyList is simply a slice of Policy structs.

func NewFromFile Uses

func NewFromFile(path string) (PolicyList, error)

NewFromFile attempts to create a policy list from the given file.

TODO: Have policies be created via an API call and stored in REST storage.

func (PolicyList) Authorize Uses

func (pl PolicyList) Authorize(a authorizer.Attributes) (authorizer.Decision, string, error)

Authorize implements authorizer.Authorize

func (PolicyList) RulesFor Uses

func (pl PolicyList) RulesFor(user user.Info, namespace string) ([]authorizer.ResourceRuleInfo, []authorizer.NonResourceRuleInfo, bool, error)

RulesFor returns rules for the given user and namespace.

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