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package nodeidentifier

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/auth/nodeidentifier"


Package Files

default.go interfaces.go

type NodeIdentifier Uses

type NodeIdentifier interface {
    // NodeIdentity determines node information from the given user.Info.
    // nodeName is the name of the Node API object associated with the user.Info,
    // and may be empty if a specific node cannot be determined.
    // isNode is true if the user.Info represents an identity issued to a node.
    NodeIdentity(user.Info) (nodeName string, isNode bool)

NodeIdentifier determines node information from a given user

func NewDefaultNodeIdentifier Uses

func NewDefaultNodeIdentifier() NodeIdentifier

NewDefaultNodeIdentifier returns a default NodeIdentifier implementation, which returns isNode=true if the user groups contain the system:nodes group and the user name matches the format system:node:<nodeName>, and populates nodeName if isNode is true

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