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package deletion

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/controller/namespace/deletion"


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type NamespacedResourcesDeleterInterface Uses

type NamespacedResourcesDeleterInterface interface {
    Delete(nsName string) error

NamespacedResourcesDeleterInterface is the interface to delete a namespace with all resources in it.

func NewNamespacedResourcesDeleter Uses

func NewNamespacedResourcesDeleter(nsClient v1clientset.NamespaceInterface,
    metadataClient metadata.Interface, podsGetter v1clientset.PodsGetter,
    discoverResourcesFn func() ([]*metav1.APIResourceList, error),
    finalizerToken v1.FinalizerName, deleteNamespaceWhenDone bool) NamespacedResourcesDeleterInterface

NewNamespacedResourcesDeleter returns a new NamespacedResourcesDeleter.

type ResourcesRemainingError Uses

type ResourcesRemainingError struct {
    Estimate int64

ResourcesRemainingError is used to inform the caller that all resources are not yet fully removed from the namespace.

func (*ResourcesRemainingError) Error Uses

func (e *ResourcesRemainingError) Error() string

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