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package config

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/controller/podautoscaler/config"


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type HPAControllerConfiguration Uses

type HPAControllerConfiguration struct {
    // horizontalPodAutoscalerSyncPeriod is the period for syncing the number of
    // pods in horizontal pod autoscaler.
    HorizontalPodAutoscalerSyncPeriod metav1.Duration
    // horizontalPodAutoscalerUpscaleForbiddenWindow is a period after which next upscale allowed.
    HorizontalPodAutoscalerUpscaleForbiddenWindow metav1.Duration
    // horizontalPodAutoscalerDownscaleForbiddenWindow is a period after which next downscale allowed.
    HorizontalPodAutoscalerDownscaleForbiddenWindow metav1.Duration
    // HorizontalPodAutoscalerDowncaleStabilizationWindow is a period for which autoscaler will look
    // backwards and not scale down below any recommendation it made during that period.
    HorizontalPodAutoscalerDownscaleStabilizationWindow metav1.Duration
    // horizontalPodAutoscalerTolerance is the tolerance for when
    // resource usage suggests upscaling/downscaling
    HorizontalPodAutoscalerTolerance float64
    // HorizontalPodAutoscalerUseRESTClients causes the HPA controller to use REST clients
    // through the kube-aggregator when enabled, instead of using the legacy metrics client
    // through the API server proxy.
    HorizontalPodAutoscalerUseRESTClients bool
    // HorizontalPodAutoscalerCPUInitializationPeriod is the period after pod start when CPU samples
    // might be skipped.
    HorizontalPodAutoscalerCPUInitializationPeriod metav1.Duration
    // HorizontalPodAutoscalerInitialReadinessDelay is period after pod start during which readiness
    // changes are treated as readiness being set for the first time. The only effect of this is that
    // HPA will disregard CPU samples from unready pods that had last readiness change during that
    // period.
    HorizontalPodAutoscalerInitialReadinessDelay metav1.Duration

HPAControllerConfiguration contains elements describing HPAController.

func (*HPAControllerConfiguration) DeepCopy Uses

func (in *HPAControllerConfiguration) DeepCopy() *HPAControllerConfiguration

DeepCopy is an autogenerated deepcopy function, copying the receiver, creating a new HPAControllerConfiguration.

func (*HPAControllerConfiguration) DeepCopyInto Uses

func (in *HPAControllerConfiguration) DeepCopyInto(out *HPAControllerConfiguration)

DeepCopyInto is an autogenerated deepcopy function, copying the receiver, writing into out. in must be non-nil.



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