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package resourcequota

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/controller/resourcequota"

Package resourcequota contains a controller that makes resource quota usage observations


Package Files

doc.go resource_quota_controller.go resource_quota_monitor.go

func GetQuotableResources Uses

func GetQuotableResources(discoveryFunc NamespacedResourcesFunc) (map[schema.GroupVersionResource]struct{}, error)

GetQuotableResources returns all resources that the quota system should recognize. It requires a resource supports the following verbs: 'create','list','delete' This function may return both results and an error. If that happens, it means that the discovery calls were only partially successful. A decision about whether to proceed or not is left to the caller.

type Controller Uses

type Controller struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Controller is responsible for tracking quota usage status in the system

func NewController Uses

func NewController(options *ControllerOptions) (*Controller, error)

NewController creates a quota controller with specified options

func (*Controller) Run Uses

func (rq *Controller) Run(workers int, stopCh <-chan struct{})

Run begins quota controller using the specified number of workers

func (*Controller) Sync Uses

func (rq *Controller) Sync(discoveryFunc NamespacedResourcesFunc, period time.Duration, stopCh <-chan struct{})

Sync periodically resyncs the controller when new resources are observed from discovery.

type ControllerOptions Uses

type ControllerOptions struct {
    // Must have authority to list all quotas, and update quota status
    QuotaClient corev1client.ResourceQuotasGetter
    // Shared informer for resource quotas
    ResourceQuotaInformer coreinformers.ResourceQuotaInformer
    // Controls full recalculation of quota usage
    ResyncPeriod controller.ResyncPeriodFunc
    // Maintains evaluators that know how to calculate usage for group resource
    Registry quota.Registry
    // Discover list of supported resources on the server.
    DiscoveryFunc NamespacedResourcesFunc
    // A function that returns the list of resources to ignore
    IgnoredResourcesFunc func() map[schema.GroupResource]struct{}
    // InformersStarted knows if informers were started.
    InformersStarted <-chan struct{}
    // InformerFactory interfaces with informers.
    InformerFactory informerfactory.InformerFactory
    // Controls full resync of objects monitored for replenishment.
    ReplenishmentResyncPeriod controller.ResyncPeriodFunc

ControllerOptions holds options for creating a quota controller

type NamespacedResourcesFunc Uses

type NamespacedResourcesFunc func() ([]*metav1.APIResourceList, error)

NamespacedResourcesFunc knows how to discover namespaced resources.

type QuotaMonitor Uses

type QuotaMonitor struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

QuotaMonitor contains all necessary information to track quotas and trigger replenishments

func NewMonitor Uses

func NewMonitor(informersStarted <-chan struct{}, informerFactory informerfactory.InformerFactory, ignoredResources map[schema.GroupResource]struct{}, resyncPeriod controller.ResyncPeriodFunc, replenishmentFunc ReplenishmentFunc, registry quota.Registry) *QuotaMonitor

NewMonitor creates a new instance of a QuotaMonitor

func (*QuotaMonitor) IsSynced Uses

func (qm *QuotaMonitor) IsSynced() bool

IsSynced returns true if any monitors exist AND all those monitors' controllers HasSynced functions return true. This means IsSynced could return true at one time, and then later return false if all monitors were reconstructed.

func (*QuotaMonitor) Run Uses

func (qm *QuotaMonitor) Run(stopCh <-chan struct{})

Run sets the stop channel and starts monitor execution until stopCh is closed. Any running monitors will be stopped before Run returns.

func (*QuotaMonitor) StartMonitors Uses

func (qm *QuotaMonitor) StartMonitors()

StartMonitors ensures the current set of monitors are running. Any newly started monitors will also cause shared informers to be started.

If called before Run, StartMonitors does nothing (as there is no stop channel to support monitor/informer execution).

func (*QuotaMonitor) SyncMonitors Uses

func (qm *QuotaMonitor) SyncMonitors(resources map[schema.GroupVersionResource]struct{}) error

SyncMonitors rebuilds the monitor set according to the supplied resources, creating or deleting monitors as necessary. It will return any error encountered, but will make an attempt to create a monitor for each resource instead of immediately exiting on an error. It may be called before or after Run. Monitors are NOT started as part of the sync. To ensure all existing monitors are started, call StartMonitors.

type ReplenishmentFunc Uses

type ReplenishmentFunc func(groupResource schema.GroupResource, namespace string)

ReplenishmentFunc is a signal that a resource changed in specified namespace that may require quota to be recalculated.



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