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package statefulset

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/controller/statefulset"


Package Files

stateful_pod_control.go stateful_set.go stateful_set_control.go stateful_set_status_updater.go stateful_set_utils.go

func ApplyRevision Uses

func ApplyRevision(set *apps.StatefulSet, revision *apps.ControllerRevision) (*apps.StatefulSet, error)

ApplyRevision returns a new StatefulSet constructed by restoring the state in revision to set. If the returned error is nil, the returned StatefulSet is valid.

func Match Uses

func Match(ss *apps.StatefulSet, history *apps.ControllerRevision) (bool, error)

Match check if the given StatefulSet's template matches the template stored in the given history.

type StatefulPodControlInterface Uses

type StatefulPodControlInterface interface {
    // CreateStatefulPod create a Pod in a StatefulSet. Any PVCs necessary for the Pod are created prior to creating
    // the Pod. If the returned error is nil the Pod and its PVCs have been created.
    CreateStatefulPod(set *apps.StatefulSet, pod *v1.Pod) error
    // UpdateStatefulPod Updates a Pod in a StatefulSet. If the Pod already has the correct identity and stable
    // storage this method is a no-op. If the Pod must be mutated to conform to the Set, it is mutated and updated.
    // pod is an in-out parameter, and any updates made to the pod are reflected as mutations to this parameter. If
    // the create is successful, the returned error is nil.
    UpdateStatefulPod(set *apps.StatefulSet, pod *v1.Pod) error
    // DeleteStatefulPod deletes a Pod in a StatefulSet. The pods PVCs are not deleted. If the delete is successful,
    // the returned error is nil.
    DeleteStatefulPod(set *apps.StatefulSet, pod *v1.Pod) error

StatefulPodControlInterface defines the interface that StatefulSetController uses to create, update, and delete Pods, and to update the Status of a StatefulSet. It follows the design paradigms used for PodControl, but its implementation provides for PVC creation, ordered Pod creation, ordered Pod termination, and Pod identity enforcement. Like controller.PodControlInterface, it is implemented as an interface to provide for testing fakes.

func NewRealStatefulPodControl Uses

func NewRealStatefulPodControl(
    client clientset.Interface,
    setLister appslisters.StatefulSetLister,
    podLister corelisters.PodLister,
    pvcLister corelisters.PersistentVolumeClaimLister,
    recorder record.EventRecorder,
) StatefulPodControlInterface

type StatefulSetControlInterface Uses

type StatefulSetControlInterface interface {
    // UpdateStatefulSet implements the control logic for Pod creation, update, and deletion, and
    // persistent volume creation, update, and deletion.
    // If an implementation returns a non-nil error, the invocation will be retried using a rate-limited strategy.
    // Implementors should sink any errors that they do not wish to trigger a retry, and they may feel free to
    // exit exceptionally at any point provided they wish the update to be re-run at a later point in time.
    UpdateStatefulSet(set *apps.StatefulSet, pods []*v1.Pod) error
    // ListRevisions returns a array of the ControllerRevisions that represent the revisions of set. If the returned
    // error is nil, the returns slice of ControllerRevisions is valid.
    ListRevisions(set *apps.StatefulSet) ([]*apps.ControllerRevision, error)
    // AdoptOrphanRevisions adopts any orphaned ControllerRevisions that match set's Selector. If all adoptions are
    // successful the returned error is nil.
    AdoptOrphanRevisions(set *apps.StatefulSet, revisions []*apps.ControllerRevision) error

StatefulSetControl implements the control logic for updating StatefulSets and their children Pods. It is implemented as an interface to allow for extensions that provide different semantics. Currently, there is only one implementation.

func NewDefaultStatefulSetControl Uses

func NewDefaultStatefulSetControl(
    podControl StatefulPodControlInterface,
    statusUpdater StatefulSetStatusUpdaterInterface,
    controllerHistory history.Interface,
    recorder record.EventRecorder) StatefulSetControlInterface

NewDefaultStatefulSetControl returns a new instance of the default implementation StatefulSetControlInterface that implements the documented semantics for StatefulSets. podControl is the PodControlInterface used to create, update, and delete Pods and to create PersistentVolumeClaims. statusUpdater is the StatefulSetStatusUpdaterInterface used to update the status of StatefulSets. You should use an instance returned from NewRealStatefulPodControl() for any scenario other than testing.

type StatefulSetController Uses

type StatefulSetController struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

StatefulSetController controls statefulsets.

func NewStatefulSetController Uses

func NewStatefulSetController(
    podInformer coreinformers.PodInformer,
    setInformer appsinformers.StatefulSetInformer,
    pvcInformer coreinformers.PersistentVolumeClaimInformer,
    revInformer appsinformers.ControllerRevisionInformer,
    kubeClient clientset.Interface,
) *StatefulSetController

NewStatefulSetController creates a new statefulset controller.

func (*StatefulSetController) Run Uses

func (ssc *StatefulSetController) Run(workers int, stopCh <-chan struct{})

Run runs the statefulset controller.

type StatefulSetStatusUpdaterInterface Uses

type StatefulSetStatusUpdaterInterface interface {
    // UpdateStatefulSetStatus sets the set's Status to status. Implementations are required to retry on conflicts,
    // but fail on other errors. If the returned error is nil set's Status has been successfully set to status.
    UpdateStatefulSetStatus(set *apps.StatefulSet, status *apps.StatefulSetStatus) error

StatefulSetStatusUpdaterInterface is an interface used to update the StatefulSetStatus associated with a StatefulSet. For any use other than testing, clients should create an instance using NewRealStatefulSetStatusUpdater.

func NewRealStatefulSetStatusUpdater Uses

func NewRealStatefulSetStatusUpdater(
    client clientset.Interface,
    setLister appslisters.StatefulSetLister) StatefulSetStatusUpdaterInterface

NewRealStatefulSetStatusUpdater returns a StatefulSetStatusUpdaterInterface that updates the Status of a StatefulSet, using the supplied client and setLister.



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