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package statusupdater

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/controller/volume/attachdetach/statusupdater"

Package statusupdater implements interfaces that enable updating the status of API objects.


Package Files

fake_node_status_updater.go node_status_updater.go

type NodeStatusUpdater Uses

type NodeStatusUpdater interface {
    // Gets a list of node statuses that should be updated from the actual state
    // of the world and updates them.
    UpdateNodeStatuses() error

NodeStatusUpdater defines a set of operations for updating the VolumesAttached field in the Node Status.

func NewFakeNodeStatusUpdater Uses

func NewFakeNodeStatusUpdater(returnError bool) NodeStatusUpdater

func NewNodeStatusUpdater Uses

func NewNodeStatusUpdater(
    kubeClient clientset.Interface,
    nodeLister corelisters.NodeLister,
    actualStateOfWorld cache.ActualStateOfWorld) NodeStatusUpdater

NewNodeStatusUpdater returns a new instance of NodeStatusUpdater.

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