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package common

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/controller/volume/common"


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const (
    // PodPVCIndex is the lookup name for the index function, which is to index by pod pvcs.
    PodPVCIndex = "pod-pvc-index"

func AddIndexerIfNotPresent Uses

func AddIndexerIfNotPresent(indexer cache.Indexer, indexName string, indexFunc cache.IndexFunc) error

AddIndexerIfNotPresent adds the index function with the name into the cache indexer if not present

func AddPodPVCIndexerIfNotPresent Uses

func AddPodPVCIndexerIfNotPresent(indexer cache.Indexer) error

AddPodPVCIndexerIfNotPresent adds the PodPVCIndexFunc with the current global setting for GenericEphemeralVolume.

func PodPVCIndexFunc Uses

func PodPVCIndexFunc(genericEphemeralVolumeFeatureEnabled bool) func(obj interface{}) ([]string, error)

PodPVCIndexFunc creates an index function that returns PVC keys (= namespace/name) for given pod. If enabled, this includes the PVCs that might be created for generic ephemeral volumes.

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