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package cmd

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/kubectl/cmd"


Package Files

cmd.go profiling.go

func HandlePluginCommand Uses

func HandlePluginCommand(pluginHandler PluginHandler, cmdArgs []string) error

HandlePluginCommand receives a pluginHandler and command-line arguments and attempts to find a plugin executable on the PATH that satisfies the given arguments.

func NewDefaultKubectlCommand Uses

func NewDefaultKubectlCommand() *cobra.Command

NewDefaultKubectlCommand creates the `kubectl` command with default arguments

func NewDefaultKubectlCommandWithArgs Uses

func NewDefaultKubectlCommandWithArgs(pluginHandler PluginHandler, args []string, in io.Reader, out, errout io.Writer) *cobra.Command

NewDefaultKubectlCommandWithArgs creates the `kubectl` command with arguments

func NewKubectlCommand Uses

func NewKubectlCommand(in io.Reader, out, err io.Writer) *cobra.Command

NewKubectlCommand creates the `kubectl` command and its nested children.

type DefaultPluginHandler Uses

type DefaultPluginHandler struct {
    ValidPrefixes []string

DefaultPluginHandler implements PluginHandler

func NewDefaultPluginHandler Uses

func NewDefaultPluginHandler(validPrefixes []string) *DefaultPluginHandler

NewDefaultPluginHandler instantiates the DefaultPluginHandler with a list of given filename prefixes used to identify valid plugin filenames.

func (*DefaultPluginHandler) Execute Uses

func (h *DefaultPluginHandler) Execute(executablePath string, cmdArgs, environment []string) error

Execute implements PluginHandler

func (*DefaultPluginHandler) Lookup Uses

func (h *DefaultPluginHandler) Lookup(filename string) (string, bool)

Lookup implements PluginHandler

type PluginHandler Uses

type PluginHandler interface {
    // exists at the given filename, or a boolean false.
    // Lookup will iterate over a list of given prefixes
    // in order to recognize valid plugin filenames.
    // The first filepath to match a prefix is returned.
    Lookup(filename string) (string, bool)
    // Execute receives an executable's filepath, a slice
    // of arguments, and a slice of environment variables
    // to relay to the executable.
    Execute(executablePath string, cmdArgs, environment []string) error

PluginHandler is capable of parsing command line arguments and performing executable filename lookups to search for valid plugin files, and execute found plugins.



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