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package explain

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/kubectl/explain"


Package Files

explain.go field_lookup.go fields_printer.go fields_printer_builder.go formatter.go model_printer.go recursive_fields_printer.go typename.go

func GetTypeName Uses

func GetTypeName(schema proto.Schema) string

GetTypeName returns the type of a schema.

func LookupSchemaForField Uses

func LookupSchemaForField(schema proto.Schema, path []string) (proto.Schema, error)

LookupSchemaForField looks for the schema of a given path in a base schema.

func PrintModel Uses

func PrintModel(name string, writer *Formatter, builder fieldsPrinterBuilder, schema proto.Schema, gvk schema.GroupVersionKind) error

PrintModel prints the description of a schema in writer.

func PrintModelDescription Uses

func PrintModelDescription(fieldsPath []string, w io.Writer, schema proto.Schema, gvk schema.GroupVersionKind, recursive bool) error

PrintModelDescription prints the description of a specific model or dot path. If recursive, all components nested within the fields of the schema will be printed.

func SplitAndParseResourceRequest Uses

func SplitAndParseResourceRequest(inResource string, mapper meta.RESTMapper) (string, []string, error)

SplitAndParseResourceRequest separates the users input into a model and fields

type Formatter Uses

type Formatter struct {
    IndentLevel int
    Wrap        int
    Writer      io.Writer

Formatter helps you write with indentation, and can wrap text as needed.

func (Formatter) Indent Uses

func (f Formatter) Indent(indent int) *Formatter

Indent creates a new Formatter that will indent the code by that much more.

func (*Formatter) Write Uses

func (f *Formatter) Write(str string, a ...interface{}) error

Write writes a string with the indentation set for the Formatter. This is not wrapping text.

func (*Formatter) WriteWrapped Uses

func (f *Formatter) WriteWrapped(str string, a ...interface{}) error

WriteWrapped writes a string with the indentation set for the Formatter, and wraps as needed.

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