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package checkpoint

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/kubelet/checkpoint"


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func DeletePod Uses

func DeletePod(cpm checkpointmanager.CheckpointManager, pod *v1.Pod) error

DeletePod deletes a checkpoint from disk if present

func LoadPods Uses

func LoadPods(cpm checkpointmanager.CheckpointManager) ([]*v1.Pod, error)

LoadPods Loads All Checkpoints from disk

func WritePod Uses

func WritePod(cpm checkpointmanager.CheckpointManager, pod *v1.Pod) error

WritePod a checkpoint to a file on disk if annotation is present

type Data Uses

type Data struct {
    Pod      *v1.Pod
    Checksum checksum.Checksum

Data to be stored as checkpoint

func (*Data) GetPod Uses

func (cp *Data) GetPod() *v1.Pod

GetPod retrieves the pod from the checkpoint

func (*Data) MarshalCheckpoint Uses

func (cp *Data) MarshalCheckpoint() ([]byte, error)

MarshalCheckpoint returns marshalled data

func (*Data) UnmarshalCheckpoint Uses

func (cp *Data) UnmarshalCheckpoint(blob []byte) error

UnmarshalCheckpoint returns unmarshalled data

func (*Data) VerifyChecksum Uses

func (cp *Data) VerifyChecksum() error

VerifyChecksum verifies that passed checksum is same as calculated checksum

type PodCheckpoint Uses

type PodCheckpoint interface {
    GetPod() *v1.Pod

PodCheckpoint defines the operations to retrieve pod

func NewPodCheckpoint Uses

func NewPodCheckpoint(pod *v1.Pod) PodCheckpoint

NewPodCheckpoint returns new pod checkpoint

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