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package state

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/kubelet/cm/cpumanager/state"


Package Files

checkpoint.go state.go state_checkpoint.go state_file.go state_mem.go

type CPUManagerCheckpoint Uses

type CPUManagerCheckpoint struct {
    PolicyName    string            `json:"policyName"`
    DefaultCPUSet string            `json:"defaultCpuSet"`
    Entries       map[string]string `json:"entries,omitempty"`
    Checksum      checksum.Checksum `json:"checksum"`

CPUManagerCheckpoint struct is used to store cpu/pod assignments in a checkpoint

func NewCPUManagerCheckpoint Uses

func NewCPUManagerCheckpoint() *CPUManagerCheckpoint

NewCPUManagerCheckpoint returns an instance of Checkpoint

func (*CPUManagerCheckpoint) MarshalCheckpoint Uses

func (cp *CPUManagerCheckpoint) MarshalCheckpoint() ([]byte, error)

MarshalCheckpoint returns marshalled checkpoint

func (*CPUManagerCheckpoint) UnmarshalCheckpoint Uses

func (cp *CPUManagerCheckpoint) UnmarshalCheckpoint(blob []byte) error

UnmarshalCheckpoint tries to unmarshal passed bytes to checkpoint

func (*CPUManagerCheckpoint) VerifyChecksum Uses

func (cp *CPUManagerCheckpoint) VerifyChecksum() error

VerifyChecksum verifies that current checksum of checkpoint is valid

type ContainerCPUAssignments Uses

type ContainerCPUAssignments map[string]cpuset.CPUSet

ContainerCPUAssignments type used in cpu manager state

func (ContainerCPUAssignments) Clone Uses

func (as ContainerCPUAssignments) Clone() ContainerCPUAssignments

Clone returns a copy of ContainerCPUAssignments

type Reader Uses

type Reader interface {
    GetCPUSet(containerID string) (cpuset.CPUSet, bool)
    GetDefaultCPUSet() cpuset.CPUSet
    GetCPUSetOrDefault(containerID string) cpuset.CPUSet
    GetCPUAssignments() ContainerCPUAssignments

Reader interface used to read current cpu/pod assignment state

type State Uses

type State interface {
    // contains filtered or unexported methods

State interface provides methods for tracking and setting cpu/pod assignment

func NewCheckpointState Uses

func NewCheckpointState(stateDir, checkpointName, policyName string) (State, error)

NewCheckpointState creates new State for keeping track of cpu/pod assignment with checkpoint backend

func NewFileState Uses

func NewFileState(filePath string, policyName string) State

NewFileState creates new State for keeping track of cpu/pod assignment with file backend

func NewMemoryState Uses

func NewMemoryState() State

NewMemoryState creates new State for keeping track of cpu/pod assignment



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