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package socketmask

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/kubelet/cm/topologymanager/socketmask"


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func IterateSocketMasks Uses

func IterateSocketMasks(sockets []int, callback func(SocketMask))

IterateSocketMasks iterates all possible masks from a list of sockets, issuing a callback on each mask.

type SocketMask Uses

type SocketMask interface {
    Add(sockets ...int) error
    Remove(sockets ...int) error
    And(masks ...SocketMask)
    Or(masks ...SocketMask)
    IsEqual(mask SocketMask) bool
    IsEmpty() bool
    IsSet(socket int) bool
    IsNarrowerThan(mask SocketMask) bool
    String() string
    Count() int
    GetSockets() []int

SocketMask interface allows hint providers to create SocketMasks for TopologyHints

func And Uses

func And(first SocketMask, masks ...SocketMask) SocketMask

And is a package level implementation of 'and' between first and masks

func NewEmptySocketMask Uses

func NewEmptySocketMask() SocketMask

NewEmptySocketMask creates a new, empty SocketMask

func NewSocketMask Uses

func NewSocketMask(sockets ...int) (SocketMask, error)

NewSocketMask creates a new SocketMask

func Or Uses

func Or(first SocketMask, masks ...SocketMask) SocketMask

Or is a package level implementation of 'or' between first and masks

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