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package streaming

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/kubelet/cri/streaming"


Package Files

errors.go request_cache.go server.go


var DefaultConfig = Config{
    StreamIdleTimeout:               4 * time.Hour,
    StreamCreationTimeout:           remotecommandconsts.DefaultStreamCreationTimeout,
    SupportedRemoteCommandProtocols: remotecommandconsts.SupportedStreamingProtocols,
    SupportedPortForwardProtocols:   portforward.SupportedProtocols,

DefaultConfig provides default values for server Config. The DefaultConfig is partial, so some fields like Addr must still be provided.

func NewErrorStreamingDisabled Uses

func NewErrorStreamingDisabled(method string) error

NewErrorStreamingDisabled creates an error for disabled streaming method.

func NewErrorTooManyInFlight Uses

func NewErrorTooManyInFlight() error

NewErrorTooManyInFlight creates an error for exceeding the maximum number of in-flight requests.

func WriteError Uses

func WriteError(err error, w http.ResponseWriter) error

WriteError translates a CRI streaming error into an appropriate HTTP response.

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    // The host:port address the server will listen on.
    Addr string
    // The optional base URL for constructing streaming URLs. If empty, the baseURL will be
    // constructed from the serve address.
    // Note that for port "0", the URL port will be set to actual port in use.
    BaseURL *url.URL

    // How long to leave idle connections open for.
    StreamIdleTimeout time.Duration
    // How long to wait for clients to create streams. Only used for SPDY streaming.
    StreamCreationTimeout time.Duration

    // The streaming protocols the server supports (understands and permits).  See
    // k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/kubelet/server/remotecommand/constants.go for available protocols.
    // Only used for SPDY streaming.
    SupportedRemoteCommandProtocols []string

    // The streaming protocols the server supports (understands and permits).  See
    // k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/kubelet/server/portforward/constants.go for available protocols.
    // Only used for SPDY streaming.
    SupportedPortForwardProtocols []string

    // The config for serving over TLS. If nil, TLS will not be used.
    TLSConfig *tls.Config

Config defines the options used for running the stream server.

type Runtime Uses

type Runtime interface {
    Exec(containerID string, cmd []string, in io.Reader, out, err io.WriteCloser, tty bool, resize <-chan remotecommand.TerminalSize) error
    Attach(containerID string, in io.Reader, out, err io.WriteCloser, tty bool, resize <-chan remotecommand.TerminalSize) error
    PortForward(podSandboxID string, port int32, stream io.ReadWriteCloser) error

Runtime is the interface to execute the commands and provide the streams.

type Server Uses

type Server interface {

    // Get the serving URL for the requests.
    // Requests must not be nil. Responses may be nil iff an error is returned.
    GetExec(*runtimeapi.ExecRequest) (*runtimeapi.ExecResponse, error)
    GetAttach(req *runtimeapi.AttachRequest) (*runtimeapi.AttachResponse, error)
    GetPortForward(*runtimeapi.PortForwardRequest) (*runtimeapi.PortForwardResponse, error)

    // Start the server.
    // addr is the address to serve on (address:port) stayUp indicates whether the server should
    // listen until Stop() is called, or automatically stop after all expected connections are
    // closed. Calling Get{Exec,Attach,PortForward} increments the expected connection count.
    // Function does not return until the server is stopped.
    Start(stayUp bool) error
    // Stop the server, and terminate any open connections.
    Stop() error

Server is the library interface to serve the stream requests.

func NewServer Uses

func NewServer(config Config, runtime Runtime) (Server, error)

NewServer creates a new Server for stream requests. TODO(tallclair): Add auth(n/z) interface & handling.


portforwardPackage portforward contains server-side logic for handling port forwarding requests.
remotecommandPackage remotecommand contains functions related to executing commands in and attaching to pods.

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