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package metrics

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/kubelet/dockershim/network/metrics"


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const (
    // NetworkPluginOperationsKey is the key for operation count metrics.
    NetworkPluginOperationsKey = "network_plugin_operations"
    // NetworkPluginOperationsLatencyKey is the key for the operation latency metrics.
    NetworkPluginOperationsLatencyKey = "network_plugin_operations_duration_seconds"


var (
    // NetworkPluginOperationsLatency collects operation latency numbers by operation
    // type.
    NetworkPluginOperationsLatency = metrics.NewHistogramVec(
            Subsystem:      kubeletSubsystem,
            Name:           NetworkPluginOperationsLatencyKey,
            Help:           "Latency in seconds of network plugin operations. Broken down by operation type.",
            Buckets:        metrics.DefBuckets,
            StabilityLevel: metrics.ALPHA,

func Register Uses

func Register()

Register all metrics.

func SinceInSeconds Uses

func SinceInSeconds(start time.Time) float64

SinceInSeconds gets the time since the specified start in seconds.

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