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package codec

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/kubelet/kubeletconfig/util/codec"


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func DecodeKubeletConfiguration Uses

func DecodeKubeletConfiguration(kubeletCodecs *serializer.CodecFactory, data []byte) (*kubeletconfig.KubeletConfiguration, error)

DecodeKubeletConfiguration decodes a serialized KubeletConfiguration to the internal type

func EncodeKubeletConfig Uses

func EncodeKubeletConfig(internal *kubeletconfig.KubeletConfiguration, targetVersion schema.GroupVersion) ([]byte, error)

EncodeKubeletConfig encodes an internal KubeletConfiguration to an external YAML representation

func NewKubeletconfigYAMLEncoder Uses

func NewKubeletconfigYAMLEncoder(targetVersion schema.GroupVersion) (runtime.Encoder, error)

NewKubeletconfigYAMLEncoder returns an encoder that can write objects in the kubeletconfig API group to YAML

func NewYAMLEncoder Uses

func NewYAMLEncoder(groupName string) (runtime.Encoder, error)

NewYAMLEncoder generates a new runtime.Encoder that encodes objects to YAML

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