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package dns

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/kubelet/network/dns"


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type Configurer Uses

type Configurer struct {

    // If non-empty, use this for container DNS search.
    ClusterDomain string
    // The path to the DNS resolver configuration file used as the base to generate
    // the container's DNS resolver configuration file. This can be used in
    // conjunction with clusterDomain and clusterDNS.
    ResolverConfig string
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Configurer is used for setting up DNS resolver configuration when launching pods.

func NewConfigurer Uses

func NewConfigurer(recorder record.EventRecorder, nodeRef *v1.ObjectReference, nodeIPs []net.IP, clusterDNS []net.IP, clusterDomain, resolverConfig string) *Configurer

NewConfigurer returns a DNS configurer for launching pods.

func (*Configurer) CheckLimitsForResolvConf Uses

func (c *Configurer) CheckLimitsForResolvConf()

CheckLimitsForResolvConf checks limits in resolv.conf.

func (*Configurer) GetPodDNS Uses

func (c *Configurer) GetPodDNS(pod *v1.Pod) (*runtimeapi.DNSConfig, error)

GetPodDNS returns DNS settings for the pod.

func (*Configurer) SetupDNSinContainerizedMounter Uses

func (c *Configurer) SetupDNSinContainerizedMounter(mounterPath string)

SetupDNSinContainerizedMounter replaces the nameserver in containerized-mounter's rootfs/etc/resolve.conf with kubelet.ClusterDNS

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