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package pod

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/kubelet/pod"


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mirror_client.go pod_manager.go

func IsStaticPod Uses

func IsStaticPod(pod *v1.Pod) bool

IsStaticPod returns true if the passed Pod is static.

type Manager Uses

type Manager interface {
    // GetPods returns the regular pods bound to the kubelet and their spec.
    GetPods() []*v1.Pod
    // GetPodByFullName returns the (non-mirror) pod that matches full name, as well as
    // whether the pod was found.
    GetPodByFullName(podFullName string) (*v1.Pod, bool)
    // GetPodByName provides the (non-mirror) pod that matches namespace and
    // name, as well as whether the pod was found.
    GetPodByName(namespace, name string) (*v1.Pod, bool)
    // GetPodByUID provides the (non-mirror) pod that matches pod UID, as well as
    // whether the pod is found.
    GetPodByUID(types.UID) (*v1.Pod, bool)
    // GetPodByMirrorPod returns the static pod for the given mirror pod and
    // whether it was known to the pod manager.
    GetPodByMirrorPod(*v1.Pod) (*v1.Pod, bool)
    // GetMirrorPodByPod returns the mirror pod for the given static pod and
    // whether it was known to the pod manager.
    GetMirrorPodByPod(*v1.Pod) (*v1.Pod, bool)
    // GetPodsAndMirrorPods returns the both regular and mirror pods.
    GetPodsAndMirrorPods() ([]*v1.Pod, []*v1.Pod)
    // SetPods replaces the internal pods with the new pods.
    // It is currently only used for testing.
    SetPods(pods []*v1.Pod)
    // AddPod adds the given pod to the manager.
    AddPod(pod *v1.Pod)
    // UpdatePod updates the given pod in the manager.
    UpdatePod(pod *v1.Pod)
    // DeletePod deletes the given pod from the manager.  For mirror pods,
    // this means deleting the mappings related to mirror pods.  For non-
    // mirror pods, this means deleting from indexes for all non-mirror pods.
    DeletePod(pod *v1.Pod)
    // GetOrphanedMirrorPodNames returns names of orphaned mirror pods
    GetOrphanedMirrorPodNames() []string
    // TranslatePodUID returns the actual UID of a pod. If the UID belongs to
    // a mirror pod, returns the UID of its static pod. Otherwise, returns the
    // original UID.
    // All public-facing functions should perform this translation for UIDs
    // because user may provide a mirror pod UID, which is not recognized by
    // internal Kubelet functions.
    TranslatePodUID(uid types.UID) kubetypes.ResolvedPodUID
    // GetUIDTranslations returns the mappings of static pod UIDs to mirror pod
    // UIDs and mirror pod UIDs to static pod UIDs.
    GetUIDTranslations() (podToMirror map[kubetypes.ResolvedPodUID]kubetypes.MirrorPodUID, mirrorToPod map[kubetypes.MirrorPodUID]kubetypes.ResolvedPodUID)
    // IsMirrorPodOf returns true if mirrorPod is a correct representation of
    // pod; false otherwise.
    IsMirrorPodOf(mirrorPod, pod *v1.Pod) bool


Manager stores and manages access to pods, maintaining the mappings between static pods and mirror pods.

The kubelet discovers pod updates from 3 sources: file, http, and apiserver. Pods from non-apiserver sources are called static pods, and API server is not aware of the existence of static pods. In order to monitor the status of such pods, the kubelet creates a mirror pod for each static pod via the API server.

A mirror pod has the same pod full name (name and namespace) as its static counterpart (albeit different metadata such as UID, etc). By leveraging the fact that the kubelet reports the pod status using the pod full name, the status of the mirror pod always reflects the actual status of the static pod. When a static pod gets deleted, the associated orphaned mirror pod will also be removed.

func NewBasicPodManager Uses

func NewBasicPodManager(client MirrorClient, secretManager secret.Manager, configMapManager configmap.Manager) Manager

NewBasicPodManager returns a functional Manager.

type MirrorClient Uses

type MirrorClient interface {
    // CreateMirrorPod creates a mirror pod in the API server for the given
    // pod or returns an error.  The mirror pod will have the same annotations
    // as the given pod as well as an extra annotation containing the hash of
    // the static pod.
    CreateMirrorPod(pod *v1.Pod) error
    // DeleteMirrorPod deletes the mirror pod with the given full name from
    // the API server or returns an error.
    DeleteMirrorPod(podFullName string, uid *types.UID) (bool, error)

MirrorClient knows how to create/delete a mirror pod in the API server.

func NewBasicMirrorClient Uses

func NewBasicMirrorClient(apiserverClient clientset.Interface, nodeName string, nodeGetter nodeGetter) MirrorClient

NewBasicMirrorClient returns a new MirrorClient.


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