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package testing

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/kubelet/prober/testing"


Package Files


type FakeManager Uses

type FakeManager struct{}

FakeManager simulates a prober.Manager for testing.

func (FakeManager) AddPod Uses

func (FakeManager) AddPod(_ *v1.Pod)

AddPod simulates adding a Pod.

func (FakeManager) CleanupPods Uses

func (FakeManager) CleanupPods(_ map[types.UID]sets.Empty)

CleanupPods simulates cleaning up Pods.

func (FakeManager) RemovePod Uses

func (FakeManager) RemovePod(_ *v1.Pod)

RemovePod simulates removing a Pod.

func (FakeManager) Start Uses

func (FakeManager) Start()

Start simulates start syncing the probe status

func (FakeManager) UpdatePodStatus Uses

func (FakeManager) UpdatePodStatus(_ types.UID, podStatus *v1.PodStatus)

UpdatePodStatus simulates updating the Pod Status.

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