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package sysctl

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/kubelet/sysctl"


Package Files

namespace.go whitelist.go


const (
    AnnotationInvalidReason = "InvalidSysctlAnnotation"
    ForbiddenReason         = "SysctlForbidden"

func NewWhitelist Uses

func NewWhitelist(patterns []string) (*patternWhitelist, error)

NewWhitelist creates a new Whitelist from a list of sysctls and sysctl pattern (ending in *).

type Namespace Uses

type Namespace string

Namespace represents a kernel namespace name.

func NamespacedBy Uses

func NamespacedBy(val string) Namespace

NamespacedBy returns the namespace of the Linux kernel for a sysctl, or unknownNamespace if the sysctl is not known to be namespaced.

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