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package master

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/master"

Package master contains code for setting up and running a Kubernetes cluster master.


Package Files

client_util.go controller.go doc.go import_known_versions.go master.go services.go


const (
    // DefaultEndpointReconcilerInterval is the default amount of time for how often the endpoints for
    // the kubernetes Service are reconciled.
    DefaultEndpointReconcilerInterval = 10 * time.Second
    // DefaultEndpointReconcilerTTL is the default TTL timeout for the storage layer
    DefaultEndpointReconcilerTTL = 15 * time.Second

func DefaultAPIResourceConfigSource Uses

func DefaultAPIResourceConfigSource() *serverstorage.ResourceConfig

DefaultAPIResourceConfigSource returns default configuration for an APIResource.

func ServiceIPRange Uses

func ServiceIPRange(passedServiceClusterIPRange net.IPNet) (net.IPNet, net.IP, error)

ServiceIPRange checks if the serviceClusterIPRange flag is nil, raising a warning if so and setting service ip range to the default value in kubeoptions.DefaultServiceIPCIDR for now until the default is removed per the deprecation timeline guidelines. Returns service ip range, api server service IP, and an error

type CompletedConfig Uses

type CompletedConfig struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

CompletedConfig embeds a private pointer that cannot be instantiated outside of this package

func (CompletedConfig) New Uses

func (c CompletedConfig) New(delegationTarget genericapiserver.DelegationTarget) (*Master, error)

New returns a new instance of Master from the given config. Certain config fields will be set to a default value if unset. Certain config fields must be specified, including:


func (CompletedConfig) NewBootstrapController Uses

func (c CompletedConfig) NewBootstrapController(legacyRESTStorage corerest.LegacyRESTStorage, serviceClient corev1client.ServicesGetter, nsClient corev1client.NamespacesGetter, eventClient corev1client.EventsGetter, healthClient rest.Interface) *Controller

NewBootstrapController returns a controller for watching the core capabilities of the master

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    GenericConfig *genericapiserver.Config
    ExtraConfig   ExtraConfig

Config defines configuration for the master

func (*Config) Complete Uses

func (c *Config) Complete() CompletedConfig

Complete fills in any fields not set that are required to have valid data. It's mutating the receiver.

type Controller Uses

type Controller struct {
    ServiceClient   corev1client.ServicesGetter
    NamespaceClient corev1client.NamespacesGetter
    EventClient     corev1client.EventsGetter

    ServiceClusterIPRegistry          rangeallocation.RangeRegistry
    ServiceClusterIPRange             net.IPNet
    SecondaryServiceClusterIPRegistry rangeallocation.RangeRegistry
    SecondaryServiceClusterIPRange    net.IPNet

    ServiceClusterIPInterval time.Duration

    ServiceNodePortRegistry rangeallocation.RangeRegistry
    ServiceNodePortInterval time.Duration
    ServiceNodePortRange    utilnet.PortRange

    EndpointReconciler reconcilers.EndpointReconciler
    EndpointInterval   time.Duration

    SystemNamespaces         []string
    SystemNamespacesInterval time.Duration

    PublicIP net.IP

    // ServiceIP indicates where the kubernetes service will live.  It may not be nil.
    ServiceIP                 net.IP
    ServicePort               int
    ExtraServicePorts         []corev1.ServicePort
    ExtraEndpointPorts        []corev1.EndpointPort
    PublicServicePort         int
    KubernetesServiceNodePort int
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Controller is the controller manager for the core bootstrap Kubernetes controller loops, which manage creating the "kubernetes" service, the "default", "kube-system" and "kube-public" namespaces, and provide the IP repair check on service IPs

func (*Controller) CreateOrUpdateMasterServiceIfNeeded Uses

func (c *Controller) CreateOrUpdateMasterServiceIfNeeded(serviceName string, serviceIP net.IP, servicePorts []corev1.ServicePort, serviceType corev1.ServiceType, reconcile bool) error

CreateOrUpdateMasterServiceIfNeeded will create the specified service if it doesn't already exist.

func (*Controller) PostStartHook Uses

func (c *Controller) PostStartHook(hookContext genericapiserver.PostStartHookContext) error

PostStartHook initiates the core controller loops that must exist for bootstrapping.

func (*Controller) PreShutdownHook Uses

func (c *Controller) PreShutdownHook() error

PreShutdownHook triggers the actions needed to shut down the API Server cleanly.

func (*Controller) RunKubernetesNamespaces Uses

func (c *Controller) RunKubernetesNamespaces(ch chan struct{})

RunKubernetesNamespaces periodically makes sure that all internal namespaces exist

func (*Controller) RunKubernetesService Uses

func (c *Controller) RunKubernetesService(ch chan struct{})

RunKubernetesService periodically updates the kubernetes service

func (*Controller) Start Uses

func (c *Controller) Start()

Start begins the core controller loops that must exist for bootstrapping a cluster.

func (*Controller) Stop Uses

func (c *Controller) Stop()

Stop cleans up this API Servers endpoint reconciliation leases so another master can take over more quickly.

func (*Controller) UpdateKubernetesService Uses

func (c *Controller) UpdateKubernetesService(reconcile bool) error

UpdateKubernetesService attempts to update the default Kube service.

type EndpointReconcilerConfig Uses

type EndpointReconcilerConfig struct {
    Reconciler reconcilers.EndpointReconciler
    Interval   time.Duration

EndpointReconcilerConfig holds the endpoint reconciler and endpoint reconciliation interval to be used by the master.

type ExtraConfig Uses

type ExtraConfig struct {
    ClusterAuthenticationInfo clusterauthenticationtrust.ClusterAuthenticationInfo

    APIResourceConfigSource  serverstorage.APIResourceConfigSource
    StorageFactory           serverstorage.StorageFactory
    EndpointReconcilerConfig EndpointReconcilerConfig
    EventTTL                 time.Duration
    KubeletClientConfig      kubeletclient.KubeletClientConfig

    // Used to start and monitor tunneling
    Tunneler          tunneler.Tunneler
    EnableLogsSupport bool
    ProxyTransport    http.RoundTripper

    // Values to build the IP addresses used by discovery
    // The range of IPs to be assigned to services with type=ClusterIP or greater
    ServiceIPRange net.IPNet
    // The IP address for the GenericAPIServer service (must be inside ServiceIPRange)
    APIServerServiceIP net.IP

    // dual stack services, the range represents an alternative IP range for service IP
    // must be of different family than primary (ServiceIPRange)
    SecondaryServiceIPRange net.IPNet
    // the secondary IP address the GenericAPIServer service (must be inside SecondaryServiceIPRange)
    SecondaryAPIServerServiceIP net.IP

    // Port for the apiserver service.
    APIServerServicePort int

    // The range of ports to be assigned to services with type=NodePort or greater
    ServiceNodePortRange utilnet.PortRange
    // Additional ports to be exposed on the GenericAPIServer service
    // extraServicePorts is injectable in the event that more ports
    // (other than the default 443/tcp) are exposed on the GenericAPIServer
    // and those ports need to be load balanced by the GenericAPIServer
    // service because this pkg is linked by out-of-tree projects
    // like openshift which want to use the GenericAPIServer but also do
    // more stuff.
    ExtraServicePorts []apiv1.ServicePort
    // Additional ports to be exposed on the GenericAPIServer endpoints
    // Port names should align with ports defined in ExtraServicePorts
    ExtraEndpointPorts []apiv1.EndpointPort
    // If non-zero, the "kubernetes" services uses this port as NodePort.
    KubernetesServiceNodePort int

    // Number of masters running; all masters must be started with the
    // same value for this field. (Numbers > 1 currently untested.)
    MasterCount int

    // MasterEndpointReconcileTTL sets the time to live in seconds of an
    // endpoint record recorded by each master. The endpoints are checked at an
    // interval that is 2/3 of this value and this value defaults to 15s if
    // unset. In very large clusters, this value may be increased to reduce the
    // possibility that the master endpoint record expires (due to other load
    // on the etcd server) and causes masters to drop in and out of the
    // kubernetes service record. It is not recommended to set this value below
    // 15s.
    MasterEndpointReconcileTTL time.Duration

    // Selects which reconciler to use
    EndpointReconcilerType reconcilers.Type

    ServiceAccountIssuer        serviceaccount.TokenGenerator
    ServiceAccountMaxExpiration time.Duration
    ExtendExpiration            bool

    // ServiceAccountIssuerDiscovery
    ServiceAccountIssuerURL  string
    ServiceAccountJWKSURI    string
    ServiceAccountPublicKeys []interface{}

    VersionedInformers informers.SharedInformerFactory

ExtraConfig defines extra configuration for the master

type Master Uses

type Master struct {
    GenericAPIServer *genericapiserver.GenericAPIServer

    ClusterAuthenticationInfo clusterauthenticationtrust.ClusterAuthenticationInfo

Master contains state for a Kubernetes cluster master/api server.

func (*Master) InstallAPIs Uses

func (m *Master) InstallAPIs(apiResourceConfigSource serverstorage.APIResourceConfigSource, restOptionsGetter generic.RESTOptionsGetter, restStorageProviders ...RESTStorageProvider) error

InstallAPIs will install the APIs for the restStorageProviders if they are enabled.

func (*Master) InstallLegacyAPI Uses

func (m *Master) InstallLegacyAPI(c *completedConfig, restOptionsGetter generic.RESTOptionsGetter, legacyRESTStorageProvider corerest.LegacyRESTStorageProvider) error

InstallLegacyAPI will install the legacy APIs for the restStorageProviders if they are enabled.

type RESTStorageProvider Uses

type RESTStorageProvider interface {
    GroupName() string
    NewRESTStorage(apiResourceConfigSource serverstorage.APIResourceConfigSource, restOptionsGetter generic.RESTOptionsGetter) (genericapiserver.APIGroupInfo, bool, error)

RESTStorageProvider is a factory type for REST storage.


portsPackage ports defines ports used by various pieces of the kubernetes infrastructure.
reconcilersPackage reconcilers provides objects for managing the list of active masters.
storageversionhashdataPackage storageversionhashdata is for test only.

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