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package crdregistration

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/master/controller/crdregistration"


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func NewCRDRegistrationController Uses

func NewCRDRegistrationController(crdinformer crdinformers.CustomResourceDefinitionInformer, apiServiceRegistration AutoAPIServiceRegistration) *crdRegistrationController

NewCRDRegistrationController returns a controller which will register CRD GroupVersions with the auto APIService registration controller so they automatically stay in sync.

type AutoAPIServiceRegistration Uses

type AutoAPIServiceRegistration interface {
    // AddAPIServiceToSync adds an API service to auto-register.
    AddAPIServiceToSync(in *v1.APIService)
    // RemoveAPIServiceToSync removes an API service to auto-register.
    RemoveAPIServiceToSync(name string)

AutoAPIServiceRegistration is an interface which callers can re-declare locally and properly cast to for adding and removing APIServices

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