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package testing

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/proxy/ipvs/testing"


Package Files

fake.go util.go

type ExpectedIPSet Uses

type ExpectedIPSet map[string][]*utilipset.Entry

ExpectedIPSet is the expected ipset with set name and entries name

type ExpectedIptablesChain Uses

type ExpectedIptablesChain map[string][]ExpectedIptablesRule

ExpectedIptablesChain is a map of expected iptables chain and jump rules

type ExpectedIptablesRule Uses

type ExpectedIptablesRule struct {
    JumpChain string
    MatchSet  string

ExpectedIptablesRule is the expected iptables rules with jump chain and match ipset name

type ExpectedRealServer Uses

type ExpectedRealServer struct {
    IP   string
    Port uint16

ExpectedRealServer is the expected ipvs RealServer

type ExpectedVirtualServer Uses

type ExpectedVirtualServer struct {
    VSNum    int
    IP       string
    Port     uint16
    Protocol string
    RS       []ExpectedRealServer

ExpectedVirtualServer is the expected ipvs rules with VirtualServer and RealServer VSNum is the expected ipvs virtual server number IP:Port protocol is the expected ipvs vs info RS is the RealServer of this expected VirtualServer

type FakeNetlinkHandle Uses

type FakeNetlinkHandle struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

FakeNetlinkHandle mock implementation of proxy NetlinkHandle

func NewFakeNetlinkHandle Uses

func NewFakeNetlinkHandle() *FakeNetlinkHandle

NewFakeNetlinkHandle will create a new FakeNetlinkHandle

func (*FakeNetlinkHandle) DeleteDummyDevice Uses

func (h *FakeNetlinkHandle) DeleteDummyDevice(devName string) error

DeleteDummyDevice is a mock implementation

func (*FakeNetlinkHandle) EnsureAddressBind Uses

func (h *FakeNetlinkHandle) EnsureAddressBind(address, devName string) (exist bool, err error)

EnsureAddressBind is a mock implementation

func (*FakeNetlinkHandle) EnsureDummyDevice Uses

func (h *FakeNetlinkHandle) EnsureDummyDevice(devName string) (bool, error)

EnsureDummyDevice is a mock implementation

func (*FakeNetlinkHandle) GetLocalAddresses Uses

func (h *FakeNetlinkHandle) GetLocalAddresses(dev, filterDev string) (sets.String, error)

GetLocalAddresses is a mock implementation

func (*FakeNetlinkHandle) ListBindAddress Uses

func (h *FakeNetlinkHandle) ListBindAddress(devName string) ([]string, error)

ListBindAddress is a mock implementation

func (*FakeNetlinkHandle) SetLocalAddresses Uses

func (h *FakeNetlinkHandle) SetLocalAddresses(dev string, ips ...string) error

SetLocalAddresses set IP addresses to the given interface device. It's not part of interface.

func (*FakeNetlinkHandle) UnbindAddress Uses

func (h *FakeNetlinkHandle) UnbindAddress(address, devName string) error

UnbindAddress is a mock implementation

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