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package iptables

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/proxy/util/iptables"


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type LocalTrafficDetector Uses

type LocalTrafficDetector interface {
    // IsImplemented returns true if the implementation does something, false otherwise
    IsImplemented() bool

    // JumpIfLocal appends conditions to jump to a target chain if traffic detected to be
    // of local origin
    JumpIfLocal(args []string, toChain string) []string

    // JumpINotfLocal appends conditions to jump to a target chain if traffic detected not to be
    // of local origin
    JumpIfNotLocal(args []string, toChain string) []string

LocalTrafficDetector in a interface to take action (jump) based on whether traffic originated locally at the node or not

func NewDetectLocalByCIDR Uses

func NewDetectLocalByCIDR(cidr string, ipt utiliptables.Interface) (LocalTrafficDetector, error)

NewDetectLocalByCIDR implements the LocalTrafficDetector interface using a CIDR. This can be used when a single CIDR range can be used to capture the notion of local traffic.

func NewNoOpLocalDetector Uses

func NewNoOpLocalDetector() LocalTrafficDetector

NewNoOpLocalDetector is a no-op implementation of LocalTrafficDetector

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