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package node

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/registry/core/node"

Package node provides Registry interface and implementation for storing Nodes.


Package Files

doc.go strategy.go


var StatusStrategy = nodeStatusStrategy{Strategy}
var Strategy = nodeStrategy{legacyscheme.Scheme, names.SimpleNameGenerator}

Nodes is the default logic that applies when creating and updating Node objects.

func GetAttrs Uses

func GetAttrs(obj runtime.Object) (labels.Set, fields.Set, error)

GetAttrs returns labels and fields of a given object for filtering purposes.

func MatchNode Uses

func MatchNode(label labels.Selector, field fields.Selector) pkgstorage.SelectionPredicate

MatchNode returns a generic matcher for a given label and field selector.

func NameTriggerFunc Uses

func NameTriggerFunc(obj runtime.Object) string

NameTriggerFunc returns value metadata.namespace of given object.

func NodeToSelectableFields Uses

func NodeToSelectableFields(node *api.Node) fields.Set

NodeToSelectableFields returns a field set that represents the object.

func ResourceLocation Uses

func ResourceLocation(getter ResourceGetter, connection client.ConnectionInfoGetter, proxyTransport http.RoundTripper, ctx context.Context, id string) (*url.URL, http.RoundTripper, error)

ResourceLocation returns a URL and transport which one can use to send traffic for the specified node.

type ResourceGetter Uses

type ResourceGetter interface {
    Get(context.Context, string, *metav1.GetOptions) (runtime.Object, error)

ResourceGetter is an interface for retrieving resources by ResourceLocation.



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