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package rest

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/registry/core/rest"


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type LegacyRESTStorage Uses

type LegacyRESTStorage struct {
    ServiceClusterIPAllocator rangeallocation.RangeRegistry
    ServiceNodePortAllocator  rangeallocation.RangeRegistry

LegacyRESTStorage returns stateful information about particular instances of REST storage to master.go for wiring controllers. TODO remove this by running the controller as a poststarthook

type LegacyRESTStorageProvider Uses

type LegacyRESTStorageProvider struct {
    StorageFactory serverstorage.StorageFactory
    // Used for custom proxy dialing, and proxy TLS options
    ProxyTransport      http.RoundTripper
    KubeletClientConfig kubeletclient.KubeletClientConfig
    EventTTL            time.Duration

    // ServiceIPRange is used to build cluster IPs for discovery.
    ServiceIPRange       net.IPNet
    ServiceNodePortRange utilnet.PortRange

    ServiceAccountIssuer        serviceaccount.TokenGenerator
    ServiceAccountMaxExpiration time.Duration

    APIAudiences authenticator.Audiences

    LoopbackClientConfig *restclient.Config

LegacyRESTStorageProvider provides information needed to build RESTStorage for core, but does NOT implement the "normal" RESTStorageProvider (yet!)

func (LegacyRESTStorageProvider) GroupName Uses

func (p LegacyRESTStorageProvider) GroupName() string

func (LegacyRESTStorageProvider) NewLegacyRESTStorage Uses

func (c LegacyRESTStorageProvider) NewLegacyRESTStorage(restOptionsGetter generic.RESTOptionsGetter) (LegacyRESTStorage, genericapiserver.APIGroupInfo, error)

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