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package rest

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/registry/flowcontrol/rest"


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const PostStartHookName = "priority-and-fairness-config-producer"

PostStartHookName is the name of the post-start-hook provided by flow-control storage

type RESTStorageProvider Uses

type RESTStorageProvider struct{}

RESTStorageProvider is a provider of REST storage

func (RESTStorageProvider) GroupName Uses

func (p RESTStorageProvider) GroupName() string

GroupName returns group name of the storage

func (RESTStorageProvider) NewRESTStorage Uses

func (p RESTStorageProvider) NewRESTStorage(apiResourceConfigSource serverstorage.APIResourceConfigSource, restOptionsGetter generic.RESTOptionsGetter) (genericapiserver.APIGroupInfo, bool, error)

NewRESTStorage creates a new rest storage for flow-control api models.

func (RESTStorageProvider) PostStartHook Uses

func (p RESTStorageProvider) PostStartHook() (string, genericapiserver.PostStartHookFunc, error)

PostStartHook returns the hook func that launches the config provider

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