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package helper

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/scheduler/framework/plugins/helper"


Package Files

node_affinity.go normalize_score.go spread.go

func DefaultNormalizeScore Uses

func DefaultNormalizeScore(maxPriority int64, reverse bool, scores framework.NodeScoreList) *framework.Status

DefaultNormalizeScore generates a Normalize Score function that can normalize the scores to [0, maxPriority]. If reverse is set to true, it reverses the scores by subtracting it from maxPriority.

func DefaultSelector Uses

func DefaultSelector(pod *v1.Pod, sl corelisters.ServiceLister, cl corelisters.ReplicationControllerLister, rsl appslisters.ReplicaSetLister, ssl appslisters.StatefulSetLister) labels.Selector

DefaultSelector returns a selector deduced from the Services, Replication Controllers, Replica Sets, and Stateful Sets matching the given pod.

func GetPodServices Uses

func GetPodServices(sl corelisters.ServiceLister, pod *v1.Pod) ([]*v1.Service, error)

GetPodServices gets the services that have the selector that match the labels on the given pod.

func PodMatchesNodeSelectorAndAffinityTerms Uses

func PodMatchesNodeSelectorAndAffinityTerms(pod *v1.Pod, node *v1.Node) bool

PodMatchesNodeSelectorAndAffinityTerms checks whether the pod is schedulable onto nodes according to the requirements in both NodeAffinity and nodeSelector.

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