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package profile

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/scheduler/profile"

Package profile holds the definition of a scheduling Profile.


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type FrameworkFactory Uses

type FrameworkFactory func(config.KubeSchedulerProfile, ...frameworkruntime.Option) (framework.Framework, error)

FrameworkFactory builds a Framework for a given profile configuration.

type Map Uses

type Map map[string]*Profile

Map holds profiles indexed by scheduler name.

func NewMap Uses

func NewMap(cfgs []config.KubeSchedulerProfile, frameworkFact FrameworkFactory, recorderFact RecorderFactory,
    opts ...frameworkruntime.Option) (Map, error)

NewMap builds the profiles given by the configuration, indexed by name.

func (Map) HandlesSchedulerName Uses

func (m Map) HandlesSchedulerName(name string) bool

HandlesSchedulerName returns whether a profile handles the given scheduler name.

type Profile Uses

type Profile struct {
    Recorder events.EventRecorder
    Name     string

Profile is a scheduling profile.

func NewProfile Uses

func NewProfile(cfg config.KubeSchedulerProfile, frameworkFact FrameworkFactory, recorderFact RecorderFactory,
    opts ...frameworkruntime.Option) (*Profile, error)

NewProfile builds a Profile for the given configuration.

type RecorderFactory Uses

type RecorderFactory func(string) events.EventRecorder

RecorderFactory builds an EventRecorder for a given scheduler name.

func NewRecorderFactory Uses

func NewRecorderFactory(b events.EventBroadcaster) RecorderFactory

NewRecorderFactory returns a RecorderFactory for the broadcaster.

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