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package volumebinder

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/scheduler/volumebinder"


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type VolumeBinder Uses

type VolumeBinder struct {
    Binder volumescheduling.SchedulerVolumeBinder

VolumeBinder sets up the volume binding library

func NewFakeVolumeBinder Uses

func NewFakeVolumeBinder(config *volumescheduling.FakeVolumeBinderConfig) *VolumeBinder

NewFakeVolumeBinder sets up a fake volume binder and binding queue

func NewVolumeBinder Uses

func NewVolumeBinder(
    client clientset.Interface,
    nodeInformer coreinformers.NodeInformer,
    csiNodeInformer storageinformers.CSINodeInformer,
    pvcInformer coreinformers.PersistentVolumeClaimInformer,
    pvInformer coreinformers.PersistentVolumeInformer,
    storageClassInformer storageinformers.StorageClassInformer,
    bindTimeout time.Duration) *VolumeBinder

NewVolumeBinder sets up the volume binding library and binding queue

func (*VolumeBinder) DeletePodBindings Uses

func (b *VolumeBinder) DeletePodBindings(pod *v1.Pod)

DeletePodBindings will delete the cached volume bindings for the given pod.

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