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package capabilities

import "k8s.io/kubernetes/pkg/security/podsecuritypolicy/capabilities"

Package capabilities contains code for validating and defaulting a pod's kernel capabilities according to a security policy.


Package Files

capabilities.go doc.go types.go

type Strategy Uses

type Strategy interface {
    // Generate creates the capabilities based on policy rules.
    Generate(pod *api.Pod, container *api.Container) (*api.Capabilities, error)
    // Validate ensures that the specified values fall within the range of the strategy.
    Validate(fldPath *field.Path, pod *api.Pod, container *api.Container, capabilities *api.Capabilities) field.ErrorList

Strategy defines the interface for all cap constraint strategies.

func NewDefaultCapabilities Uses

func NewDefaultCapabilities(defaultAddCapabilities, requiredDropCapabilities, allowedCaps []corev1.Capability) (Strategy, error)

NewDefaultCapabilities creates a new defaultCapabilities strategy that will provide defaults and validation based on the configured initial caps and allowed caps.

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